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My free workout videos are for all women who want to save time and to workout every day at home or at office (I have letters from women who use my videos in the lunch break).

Free workout videos
Start workout right now

Tips when you use free workout videos at the office

– Put napkins under your clothes on the body areas that most sweat. For example put napkins under your arm pits. Your clothes will hold the napkins fixed.

– Open windows, there must be enough fresh air in the room.

– Take off your shoes, especially if you wear high heels shoes.

Tips when you do free workout videos at home

– After workout take hot shower, massage your muscles and energetically rub water form your body – make additional massage with the towel. Your skin has to get red. This is good for cellulite and to relief muscles.

If you are beginner or haven’t workout for a long
time it can help you to fight sore in muscles.

Quality food
Eat after workout – it is very important to feed
your muscles with good food

Best vitamin supplement
If you doubt weather to take vitamins or not

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