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by Rumi

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Hydra Island, Greece

My name is Rumi, 30 years old woman, who loves to workout, cooking, take care for 2 cats, meet friends and dancing. I have daily job in marketing area but this doesn’t satisfied me enough, I feel my self full of energy to do lots of things.

Hydra Island, Greece

Posing :)

Before a year I was in some “dark hole” and was thinking what to do to make myself more successful and happier. And bingo – the idea to share knowledge I have came to me. I was full of joy that I can tell people what I know and they also can share their experience.

2005 New Year party

New York subway

A month I spent thinking which of my hobbies to share with people – workouts, recipes, cats, cosmetics, relationship advices. I made research and saw that there are many women who struggle to loose weight, to look good, to workout and to manage their lives at the same time.

With Eli in Sofia restaurant

Central Park, New York

And it was natural decision to share my knowledge for workouts, nutrition and weight loss.

Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Hydra Island, Greece

I had experience to workout in my apartment due to my busy days, I found how to stay fit and to have daily job. Now there was another issue – how to manage web site, stay fit and have daily job lol

With family and friends


I had lots of friends who are programmers and promised me to make my website. So I started to write all my articles and left html job to one of my friends, because I didn’t know how to make website.

Mom, me and aunt

Wall str., New York

Honestly it was not good cooperation, because I could write my articles only at nights and weekends and wanted to have them immediately online in order my readers to read them immediately. But for my friend nights and weekends are for other things such family and excursions.

Winter Sofia

Drinking cocktails, NY

I was struggling because I wanted my articles online and also I didn’t want such long friendship to break because of my hobby.

My sister and me in Burgas

Sea garden, Burgas

And I started another research – how to make website without knowing html, hosting and all other related things. Another month research, reading reviews, comparing … At the end I found the best solution for me – a tool or software or I don’t know how to call this – which promised me to take care for all “software” things and the only thing I have to do is to write my articles and to put them online.

Eating Sushi, New York

Stadium in Barcelona

Watch how Elad built his website and started to earn money in a very short period:

Now I am happy, because I have my dream come true – this website, I met lots of friends and I have inspiration to come true my other hobbies. I found that lots of people, like me, use SBI to write about their hobbies. And the other good thing is that all these people are passionate, kind, responsible and ready to help each other. You can see their websites. Now I am very excited because people in this community and SBI taught me how to earn money from my hobby site. Yehhh, it is true, I earn income from this site. I can’t explain so well, as SBI explain, how to earn income from hobby site, so check SBI video tour below, you will be guided from the CEO of SBI – Ken Evoy:

tv frame tv frame
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arrow remote control
Wait until The 3 Minute Shortcut has finished, or pause it, before touring these visual links…
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Videos From The Heart How SBI! Makes You Succeed SBI! Family Bulletin Board SBI! Business Philosophy Ask Anything To An SBI! Owner Risk-Free Test Drive
(The middle four links above open a new browser window.)
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tv frame tv frame tv frame
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Come to my site everyday – write to me, ask me what you want – I love to share my experience and to learn new things from you.



Best vitamin supplement
Here you can find information for the vitamins I take. This especially developed for women formula give me the vitamins, minerals and herbs I need.

Learn how to give a massage
Here I explain why and when I like massage. If you want to give people pleasure, you can learn to give a massage.

My favorite Lindt Chocolate
I adore the taste of Lindt, read about my chocolate passion.

Aromatherapy refuels me
I love the fragrance of fruits and they make me feel relaxed after the working day or after workout.

My facial masks
I love egg yolk in facial mask, learn about my favorite and very effective facial masks.

Due to the lots of repeated questions related to diet, exercises and weight loss, I started to answer questions on my workout blog. The reason is because I believe that many people can benefit from answer to your question.

Please, if you want me to answer your weight loss issues, give me more details about you like, your gender, age, weight, height, your usual diet, your lifestyle, the way you workout. It is really hard to help you if you write me something like this “Please tell me how to shrink my abs!”. I really need more info in order to answer your questions.

I will not publish your personal data (name, e-mail, address …) with the answer, so don’t be afraid that your privacy will be disclosed. Once I answer your question, I will send you email with the link where your answer is published.

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