Free Workout Routines

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by Rumi

You can watch and perform all free workout routines online or save them on your computer.

All videos are recorded at my apartment and prove that if you have strong longing to succeed – place doesn’t matter.

On the right side there is a week schedule when and how to combine exercise videos. Please do workout videos as mentioned because the combination of exercises is also important. There is a special order how to alternate exercises for different muscles – this ensure you pull the maximum and burn the maximum fat.

How to combine exercise videos:

Abs and Legs videos
Chest and Butt videos
Arm and Abs videos
Back and Whole body videos
Cellulite and Inner thigh videos
Long walking (minimum 1 hour)
Long walking (minimum 1 hour)
abs-20-minutes-workout-video <Abs – 20 minutes workout

perfect-butt-20-minutes-workout-video Perfect butt – 20 minutes workout

Legs-and-butt-20-minutes-workout-video Legs and butt – 19 minutes workout

arm-workout-video Arm workout – 20 minutes

back-workout-video Back workout – 18 minutes

To watch and train online just click on the link and application associated with the video will start broadcasting. This type of watching/training is appropriate if you have broadband internet connection.

If you can not train online, in real time, then right click over the link and from the menu choose “save target as”, then “save as” window will appear and save video on you computer. May be this will take 30 or more minutes. After video is saved on your computer, double click the file and start train with me.

For better results train 2 times per day, because all workout routines are approximately 20 minutes long this is sufficient when you want just to tone your body. If you want to loose weight then workout 2 times a day. Choose different workouts. For example: in the morning workout abs plus cardio and in the evening workout butt and legs.

I plan to add different workout routines for full body so you can choose what you want to train every day. Remember that you can not train only some parts of your body, you must train full body. You can not loose weight only from your butt, if you loose weight – your whole body is slimming.

Every day choose different workout, because this is healthy and beneficial to you. Training only certain body muscles leads to injuries. Because some of the muscles are strong and others are lean your body feels frustrated.

For my free workout routines you need following things which are desired, not obligatory:

– mat;
– little dumbbells or two small bottles of mineral water with proper shape for easy handling;
– a bottle of mineral water, you can stop at any time and drink water.
– face towel for swab up sweating.

Before you start you have to know this:
– breath, breath, breath during the workout;
– if you suddenly feel bad, don’t sit or lay – start slowly walking and deeeeply breath – this is very important. If you are beginner it is very possible that your body will try to win the battle with your mind. Don’t give up – walk and breath – this is winning strategy.

How many pounds you lost by doing the above workout videos? Share with other women how you feel before and after workouts – this can motivate somebody to follow your success!

Or you have suggestions?

Thanks for your cooperation,


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Tips for using free workout videos at home and office.Click to start right now abs plus cardio exercise video
20 minutes abs workout. This workout is combination of exercises for the upper abdomen, the lower abdomen and the sides (the love handles) and cardio routine. Exercises tone muscles and cardio makes us loosing weight hence makes abs visible. The abs exercises massage and tone up our internal organs to help them function properly and thus keep us in good health. If you are suffering from constipation, period or back pain, making abs exercises is useful for you. Don’t forget that female abs can be sexy abs, it depends on you to make hot abs. Watch and follow legs and butt workout
19 minutes workout for the legs and butt mixed with cardio routine.

Perfect butt workout
20 minute workout for butt muscles.

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