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Here you can train free online workout especially developed in 20 minutes series for entire body. You can train only 20 minutes or do 3 workouts which is 1 hour training. For better results do 2 or 3 of videos. There are some rules in combining exercises for different muscles.

Rule #1

Usually back and breasts are trained in different days, because these two muscles group use for exercises as supportive muscles – biceps, triceps and shoulders. This means that if you train your back to the maximum you already get tired you supportive muscles and you can not train your breast muscles to the possible maximum. That’s why breast and back are good to be trained in different days.

Rule #2

Don’t workout bicep, tricep and shoulder muscles in the same workout when you train back or breast.

Rule #3

If you do workout for legs, don’t do after that long cardio. You can run for example 20-30 minutes, but not 1 hour. Days with treadmill running are not good for strong leg workout. Try to separate running from legs workout.

I follow these rules and create free online workouts for women in order to train at home, at office or wherever they want.

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