Free Exercise Program For Every Woman

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Women can benefit from exercises in so many ways – weight loss, regular period and bowel movements.

My video workout routines are developed as free exercise program that best fits to women’s issues.

You can train these workouts no matter how much free time you have and no matter where you are.

The most important thing is your decision to take life in your hands. Don’t stare at the results, they will come somehow or other.

Weekly free exercise program – which muscles to train every day?

Legs and Cardio

Breasts and Arms and Cardio

Butt and Cardio

Back and Arms and Cardio

Abs and Legs



I include cardio in all my workouts because this is like a magic for your body, especially for abs – you may not exercises your abs if you regularly make aerobics routine. And don’t think this is some boring cardio – no, this is very easy to follow aerobics, with very simple movements, but very effective.

I often do these little steps in front of the TV while watching my favorite soup opera – and this is my secret to have sexy abs and perfect butt. Try to step very quickly on side while you watching TV like running but keep foots on the floor, lift only your heels. Do this very quickly and energetically until your full body sweat (normally after 10th minute).

You can choose your daily free workout program from here.

Learn how to combine exercises for different muscles here.

Dumbbells are very good home equipment, you can workout almost entire body with them. Dumbbells exercises.

If you are very busy learn how to organize your day with full body workout routine. Sometimes we can’t follow plans :).

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