Christina Lost 43 Lbs

February 17, 2011

Look at pictures of Christina, she made amazing transformation !!! Christina you are inspiration for all of us, thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures! Hi Rumi, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to read this email because I’m sure you’ve got a pretty busy schedule. But I just wanted to let you know […]

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How Many Calories Exercise Burns?

January 5, 2011

Hi Rumi , First of all thank you so much for your videos. I’m desperately in need to lose most of my weight. In order to control my eating and aware of burning how many calories with exercises I need to know how many calories burn your 20 min exercise videos and how many calories […]

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I lost 13 lbs in 30 days

September 13, 2009

by Maysee Chou Yang (Hutchinson, MN, USA) In the beginning of 2007 I realized that I was Fat and if I did not do anything about it I would become mortally obese. I hated myself, hated the lack of confidence that I had for myself. I denied the truth for so long. I never wanted […]

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My weight after being pregnant

March 13, 2009

by Holly Marie Diamond (Asheville , NC, US)

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Want to Have Flat Belly

November 20, 2008

by Cleusa (London, ON, Canada) Hi Rumi, I’m 43 years old, 1.63 m tall, weigh 57 kg. I have two kids (17 and 10). I work from 9-5 so, no time for gym. I haven’t exercised for a long time and we live in Canada (long winters).

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What Workout for Hips and Butt?

November 7, 2008

Hi Rumi, I suppose you are Bulgarian and if you are, you can answer me in Bulgarian. My name is Ana and I am 32 years old. My weight was 68 kg 2 years ago. I managed to lose 8 kg by Dukan diet and no exercise.

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Simple healthy food choices

September 24, 2008

by Jessica (Mexico city, Mexico) I do have time to cook, but cook for 5 picky eaters who would not be interested in healthier choices. I live in Mexico City, so a lot of American spices are hard to find. I usually cook soups, such as fideo. First you fry the fideo in oil and […]

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Muscles burn calories even when you’re not using them

August 17, 2008

by Bob (NY, NY) At age 37, I am 5’8” and 163 pounds. Well, not long ago, I was up to 188 pounds. Then, one day, I realized I was kind of fat. So, I resolved myself to get back in shape. Before doing any exercise or changing my eating habits, I researched the subject. […]

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Losing the weight really does improve your sex life

August 4, 2008

by Rachel Morris (Georgia)

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Which diet is good to lose 8 kg?

July 25, 2008

by Edna (Monterrey, Mexico)

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