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Flat Stomach Workout for Women

June 6, 2011
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Are you ashamed of your bulging belly? Do you wonder how to have flat stomach? No matter how long and intense you exercise there will be no result if you don’t follow tested and proved diet plan and a workout schedule that actually work. Most people think they can burn eaten food with exercise. WRONG! […]

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Abs Workout: Advanced Ab Exercises No Crunches

March 25, 2011

Recently I couldn’t make my abs sore no matter what ab exercises I did. So I decided to found totally new ab exercises that crush my tummy and I feel sore next day. Following ab workout is brutal for abs and the next day I felt sore. I do 6 bodyweight exercises in circuit training; […]

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Tummy Flattening Exercises at Home

February 16, 2011

Today I have for you workout with 7 tummy flattening exercises that boost your metabolism not only during the workout but after it too. Before reading below, please promise to your self to press the play button below and do this video no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing. Time, place, […]

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Belly Fat Burning Exercises

January 10, 2011

This is 30 minute full body workout with stress on belly fat burning exercises. My method is to do strength exercises for major muscles in the body, which burn more calories, and cardio in between. Following belly fat burning workout don’t have traditional abdominal exercises, because traditional ab exercises build your belly muscles but don’t […]

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Flat Stomach Exercises Home Workout Video

December 2, 2010

This another ab workout which I called “Flat Stomach Exercises” because every body wants flat tummy and these exercises will help to achieve your goal. But remember that you can’t burn fat ONLY with exercise. You need to have calorie deficit so your body starts to burn stored energy. Ok, read about how to burn […]

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Ab Workout for Women

October 27, 2010

Killer Ab Workout for Women Below is non traditional ab workout for women (actually it will work for men too, but it doesn’t build muscles). Most of you may think this is not abs workout, but it is. If you want to burn abdominal fat than you need to exercise bigger muscles in your body […]

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Female Abs Make Breasts Look Bigger And Visible

February 20, 2010

Female abs play main role for normal period and natural bowel movements.

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Abdominal Workout Routine

July 24, 2009

Women, are you looking for abdominal workout routine that fights all women issues? Stop look further, here is the place with workout routines for women.

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To loss belly fat

October 9, 2007

To loss belly fat you need following: You must wish to lose belly fat. You must follow successful plan to lose belly fat. Do you really want to flatten your stomach or you’ve just saw tv ad for diet supplement and decided to check internet for free resources? You must have strong wish to succeed […]

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Abs manual

February 14, 2006

Abs are very easy to workout. You need 10 minutes a day to do abdominal exercises. But the truth for abs is not in training, but in eating. It is very important what and how much you eat.

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