Fitness routine for women

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by Jessica
(Nashville, TN)

I am looking for fitness routine that I can keep up with and still reach my goal. My goal is I need to lose 40 pounds by May 1st. I currently weigh 215 and am 5 feet 2 inches tall. I have a member ship to the gym and can go on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. During the week I only have about an hour.

I struggle with how fast I should be walking on the treadmill to get results and for how long. On the weights I struggle with how many reps and how much weight. I like that my gym has 4 machines for upper body, one for stomach, and 4 for lower body. It also has the elliptical, free weights, and so on.

Also is the elliptical more effective than the treadmill? Free weights vs. the weighted machines.

I need to shape up and could use some advice.

Thank you,


Answer from Rumi

Hi Jessica, I will tell you my fitness routine, it is very effective.

I start with 5 minutes moderate treadmill walking – this is for warm up.

Than I do for each leg 3 series 10 reps walking lunge – it is 30 reps per legs. I handle weights to increase the influence of this exercises, you can start without weights and after a week try to handle 5 pounds in each hand.

After that do 3 series, 15 reps squats, again in the beginning without weight, than handle 5 pounds in each hand.

Continue with 3 series, 10 reps dead lifts with weights, again 5 pounds – for this exercises ask somebody in the fitness to show you how to do it, it is very powerful exercise for butt and back of the legs, but it has a proper way to be done and it is important to do it right.

Than we continue with upper body, use machine for back muscles, 5 series 10 reps each – this is a machine that you pull.

Time for breasts muscles – use machine that you push – 5 series, 10 reps.

Biceps exercises – with free weights. You need to find out the proper weights for you. You need to do 10-12 reps per series, if you can do more than 12 reps – this weight is easy for you – increase the weight. If you can’t do 12 reps – this weight is heavy for you, decrease it. Test the weights to find out your weights – this is the only way to know what is the right weights for you. Do 5 series, 10-12 reps for biceps.

Shoulder muscles, probably you will use the same weights as biceps exercises, but again test how many reps you can do and adjust the weights if needed. 5 series, 10 reps.

Triceps, I use smaller weights for these muscles, again test. 5 series, 10 reps.

Finish with exercises for the tummy. I do 3 series, 20 reps sit ups for the upper part of the abs, and 3 series of 20 reps lifting and lowering straight legs for the tummy.

If I have time I walk 20 minutes on the treadmill – now about the effective speed of the treadmill – it is different for everybody. It need to be a little bit hard for you, if you feel comfortable than increase the speed, also use some incline, like 1-2%. You need to try to find out your walking speed but it needs to be out of your comfort zone.

This is my fitness routine, I do it 3 times per week. At the beginning probably 5 series will be hard for you, do 3 or 4 and gradually increase.

Hope this helps, all the best,

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