Fenugreek seeds along with exercises help to control menopause symptoms

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by Shruti
(Alaska, US)

Hi, My name is Shruti and I am from an Indian origin living in the US. Menopause is the greatest pain that every woman has to undergo in her life. My symptoms of menopause would be terrible body pain, leg pain and a couple of heat boils in the body.

These symptoms really disturb my sleep very badly in the nights. What I prefer doing usually when my symptoms start, I workout on the PMS workout video at least twice a day because it is only for 10 mins. This gives me a kind of relaxation.

During menopause, I suffer with back pain and stomach pain. I suggest that we do not take any medicines for these kinds of pains because it might lead to some side effects in the future.

These pains are natural and I try to bear them. I usually avoid very hot and spicy food and take in a lot of boiled veggies, fruits, drink a lot of water and also drink a lot of milk (boiled), yoghurt and buttermilk.

I also eat a herb called fenugreek seeds which we get in Indian grocery stores. I used to soak a teaspoon of these seeds overnight and then eat the next morning.

All these foods cool down the system. My mother used to tell me that during menopause our body tends to become heaty and so to suppress the heat, we have to intake a lot of cooling stuff.

I usually get irritated during menopause and don’t like to do any work. To get rid of the physical pain, I usually take a walk or go outside and try to absent myself from my routine environment. This will refresh the mind and I tend to forget about my pain.

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