Fat Burning Exercises

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Do you want exercises that can be done in minimal time in a minimal space?

Do you want a complete body workout set that is planned on a weekly basis – exactly what exercises to do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays and Friday?

Do you want to workout about 30 minutes a day with really quick changing exercises that give you cardio and strength work in one session?

Hi, My name is Rumiana Ilieva, certified personal trainer and nutritionist with a real life and hectic schedule like you.
Let me invite you in my exercise program designed for women, to beat female issues – cellulite, tummy, saddlebags, arms, buttocks, thighs and plateau.

This exercise program is unique, because you could watch the video and do the exact steps, there is nothing to read and understand, you just need to follow what Rumi does and listen to her instruction in the video. She counts every rep and gives you instruction trough the whole workout, so you don’t need even to watch. It is like having a personal trainer at your home, counting reps, explaining proper form and boosts your motivation during the workout.

This is a complete home exercise program with NO EQUIPMENT and keeps off body fat forever!

The “equipment” in the videos are a chair (any chair at your home) and a water bottle. Actually it is fun to move a chair and lift bottles and Rumi really makes workout fun and easy to follow, but the next day you will feel the burn. Workout includes both resistance/strength training and cardio.

Do you like to be challenged, to break plateau, sweat out the toxins, burn the stubborn fat and feel energized?

Here are fat burning exercises and workout videos that do the job:

All workout videos below are circuit trainings, this means you do number of exercises 3 times for total of 30 minutes workout.

If you are busy and can’t find 30 minutes in a day you can do only 1 or 2 circuits (instead of 3), this means that you get fat burning exercises for just 10 or 20 minutes per day. Rumi tells in the video when starts every circuit and you can chose to do all 3 or 1 or 2 circuits. You get workout videos with 3 circuits recorded, but you can choose the length of your workout according to your busy schedule -10, 20 or 30 minutes.

1. Amazing thighs and stomach workout video

Exercise from Amazing thighs and stomach workout

Exercise from Amazing thighs and stomach workout, it looks hard, it is actually, but you will be astonished to uncover your hidden strength

In this workout you have thigh and stomach fat burning exercises. This is powerful combination and you know that these are problematic female spots and need special attention.

This workout contains 5 exercises for all parts of the thigh – front, back, inner and back. The stomach is worked by small jumps and exercises that challenge balance, because crunches are not the best stomach exercise.

Crunches are not bad exercise but not everybody can do them (because of lower back pain) and they work the belly from one side only.

We are used to all movements from lifting the upper body, like stand up from the bed, but we are not used to movements that challenge the stomach for its stabilizing functions, yes, this is the most important function of our abs and this is the best way to workout the stomach.

You need to challenge your stomach to stabilize the body and this happens with small, light jumps and exercises from push up position.

2. Burn the stubborn fat workout video

An exercise from Burn stubborn fat workoit, the "equipment" is any chair at your house

This is a powerful workout with total body fat burning exercises.

Mixing up strength exercises with cardio for quick total body fat burning results.

This is a short workout to break up plateau and burn the stubborn fat. You will feel a lot more energy after it and throw tones of sweat and toxins.

You will lose weight indoors without any equipment but just exercise.

Your body is the equipment and learning exercises with just bodyweight help you to know your body, its abilities and you will be astonished to find out how much strength and confidence you have hidden inside you.

This workout will help you to uncover your hidden strength and believe me this will transform your life to happier and healthier.

3. Cardio explosion workout video

An exercise from cardio explosion workout, looks complicated, but Rumi shows beginners and advanced variations, you can do it!

This is a non traditional cardio workout, you will not jump, run or do the usual aerobics exercises.

You will do cardio that challenges your strength.

Instead of running from upright position you will “run” from push up position. Or instead of jumps you will do jumping squats and so on.

The most effective cardio workout challenges also your strength. Of course you can run moderate for 60 minutes, but hey, this is boring, it is better to do short cardio intervals that challenge your strength and leave you breathless after seconds, not hours of boring jogging.

After this cardio workout you will not notice even you did cardio because 8 exercises in this workout will keep your motivation and willingness up and you will be astonished what is coming next to torture your cardio abilities.

4. Envy this tummy workout video

An exercise from Envy this tummy workout

An exercise from Envy this tummy workout, do you know that when you lift legs and jump, your tummy tightens?

Incredible workout with tummy fat burning exercises along with exercises to boost total body burn.

Tummy fat is stubborn and difficult to burn, usually this is the spot that needs the most push and work to get nice, tone belly. With this workout everybody will envy your tummy!

Most people do tummy exercises to burn belly fat, but the truth is that you need total body exercises and cardio to start burning stomach fat. Yes, you need whole body exercises, doing exercises only for tummy will make your tummy muscles bigger and your belly will look bigger.

What you need are fat burning exercises. The reality is that your body operates like a whole, not like sum of spots. No matter what type of exercise you do (arm or tummy) your body pulls energy from its one energy source.

There is no separate energy source for arms or separate for stomach, it is one, universal body energy source. You need to start pulling energy from this source and your body will start to burn fat from total body, no matter exercises for which body spot you do.

This is a concept that nobody will tell you and you were mislead to do the wrong exercises. You need hard, challenging exercises to start burn fat, but you can do it clever and quick, without long boring exercises. Only after you start to burn total body fat, the tummy fat will also start to burn!

5. Incredible bun and thigh workout video

An exercise from Incredible bun and thigh workout

An exercise from Incredible bun and thigh workout. Finaly you can do push ups, because Rumi shows 4 different variations that even total beginner can do.

This workout will give you Brazilian buttocks and toned thighs with small, long muscles that will make your legs look longer(eh, we all want longer legs, don’t we?).

Did anybody tell you that squats workout at the same time thighs and buttocks and that with 1 exercise you can workout these two spots?

No, trainers don’t want to share such secrets because they want you to think you need different workout for bun and thighs.

But the truth is that squat is the exercise for bun and thighs. And if you want quick results you have to learn how to do it.

Squats are excellent exercise that strengthens knees and you can do it even if you have knee issues. But you need to do it with proper form. Rumi explains the proper form and constantly reminds you how to do it to get maximum benefit and not hurt knees or back.

This is another total body workout with stress on thighs and bun so you pull fat from total body and at the same time shape Brazilian buttocks and long, toned thighs.

6. Kill total body fat exercise video

An exercise from Kill total body fat workout. Step over the chair is safe for knees if done with proper form, this is challenging exercise, but easy exercises don't burn fat!

With this workout you get cardio and muscle work in order to burn total body fat.

If you need something to keep you going, motivated, working and having the will power to work, this is the workout for you.

We all need motivation to start exercise and then to continue with it day by day.

It is not your fault that you stop exercising after a week because doing the same exercises is boring.

But doing different exercises every day is fan and you are willing to find out what is the next exercise, how Rumi will surprise you with the next movement, what is next never seen exercise?

Because Rumi loves to create exercise in order to keep your motivation and willingness high.

7. Awesome flat stomach

An exercise from Awesome flat stomach workout. Push up position is perfect for stomach and moving legs make it even better.

Another workout for the stomach, it is not a surprise because stomach fat is stubborn and needs attention.

There are no crunches in this workout, only total body exercises in order to challenge your total body so it starts to burn fat from the stomach.

This is a perfect workout for baby fat, belly fat that was there for years, stomach fat that shows over your belt and tummy fat because of hormonal changes in female body.

These are little known exercises, you can’t find them on other websites, because Rumi created them and tested on many women before showing them up.

8. Thigh fat burning exercises video

An exercise from from thigh fat burning workout.

This is total body workout with bodyweight exercises that stress on thighs.

You get all muscles work and especially for thighs. You need to workout the whole body in order t get quick results for trouble spots.

You can’t get toned thighs if you don’t do chest and back exercises for example, because your body needs balance, health to start burn fat.

Most trainers give only thigh exercises to women who want to tone legs, but the truth is that if you don’t achieve health and balance, you can’t start burn fat.

So this workout gives you whole body exercises that establish health and balance in the body, so the burning fat can start.

It may sound strange to you, but you need health and balanced hormones or the burning fat will not happen.

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