Anti Cellulite Butt and Abs Exercises

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In the video below there are 4 exercises to reduce cellulite on butt, thighs and abs. To eliminate cellulite you need to do 2 things:

– exercises to reduce cellulite

– follow healthy weight loss plan

Below the video there are links to download it to your computer and also don’t forget to leave comment or you can ask questions in the form at the bottom.

Download Exercises to Reduce Cellulite for Windows users.

Download Exercises to Get Rid of Cellulite for MAC users

Knees in front of the Tummy
Stay on left knee and left arm, be careful to keep the left thigh perpendicular to the floor. Straight the right leg and support the head with the free hand. From this position bend the right leg and move the knee in front of the tummy. You should feel that your butt and abs work together.

Plank and Toes Circles
Take plank position over dumbbells (or without dumbbells), watch your shoulders must be exactly over your hands. From this position do toe circles forward and back. Plank tightens abdominal muscles and moving leg from this position tightens buttocks. This exercises looks easy, but it is not and it cellulite killer!

Triangle Leg Raise
Put your arms and foot on the floor, your butt is at the top, your body looks like triangle. From this position raise leg, very important: keep leg straight, don’t bend knee. It is not important to raise high but to keep leg straight. Exercises from Triangle positions tightens abs and arms, and raising leg targets butt.

Leg Extend from Laying Position
Lay on the floor, lift your head, keep looking to the ceiling, don’t push your beard toward the chest (this is wrong), lift legs perpendicular to the floor and bend kneed and than extend. Do the movement slowly and control the whole movement. You should feel burn on front thighs and abs.

Ask Questions About Butt and Abs Exercises

How to lose fat and cellulite on butt and abs?

I can help you but need information about you.
-how you exercise
-your weight, height, age, gender.
-you lifestyle – stay at home, work 9-5, have time to cook or not, how long can you exercise.
-what you eat

I will be more helpful if I know more for you.

I highly appreciate a picture of you, so I know who I help, but this is not obligatory.

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