The Most Effective Exercises for Fast Weight Loss

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Check what exercises to do for quick weight loss result

Do you expect to learn secret exercises for fast weight loss? You maybe astonished but, weight loss exercises are not secret or even miracle, they are basic strength exercises for all muscles groups combined with aerobics activities.

Muscular strength workout is a must if you want to lose weight. You have to workout your muscles this is the only way to burn fat and shape sexy looking body. Don’t be afraid to become bulky and to build big muscles – bodybuilders workout every day and do hard exercises for separate muscles, eat special foods, take supplements and then they build big muscles. If you do muscular strength workout you can’t become bulky.

Why muscular strength workout is one of the best exercises for fast weight loss?

When you are on weight loss program, you decrease daily amount of calories you need to sustain life. The shortage of calories is compensated by burning calories stored in the body. There are two sources of stored in the body calories – muscles and fat. If you workout, aka use your muscles, your body “thinks” that muscles are necessary to sustain life and then the body burns stored fat.

In other words if you only decrease the calories intake without doing exercises, you burn both fat and muscles. The result is that you look slimmer and flabby because you decrease not only your fat but also muscle tissue.

The conclusion is that if you want to achieve quick weight loss you need to decrease calorie intake and in the same time to do strength straining exercises.

The second exercise for quick weight loss is jogging. Benefits of jogging:

  • Weight loss – if you practice jogging minimum 20-30 minutes you burn 100-200 calories.
  • Strengthen the heart – jogging increases the capacity of blood circulation.
  • Better breathing and incensement of capacity of respiratory system.
  • Speed up metabolism
  • Jogging is the best abs exercises – it develops your 6 pack abs.
  • People with depression report improvement of their condition.
  • Better sleep
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Add to the “3 weeks 9 pounds” diet strength training 3-4 times per week and jogging 2-3 times per week and this is a guarantee for losing 3 pounds per week.

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