Exercises during periods

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by Tina

Hi Rumi,

Your website is a boon for me. Not only have I started following your exercise videos but I have also started enjoying the exercise.

I have a quick question for you. What are the exercises I can safely do during my periods without adversely affecting my health?

Hope to hear from you soon.


Answer from Rumi

Hi Tina, you can do any exercise during your periods. Just listen to your body and if any exercise make you feel bad, than don’t do it.

Personally I don’t like to exercise during the first day of my period, because I feel bloated and often I have painful tummy, so I skip workout during this day.

But it is me and it doesn’t mean that you need to do it like me. Do exercises and don’t be afraid that it will hurt your health.

I found that doing regular exercises helped to have painless periods. If I stopped to exercise for a month I start to have painful periods.

This is a good PMS workout

So don’t worry to much and exercise during periods :)


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