Exercises during my pregnancy

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by Manu

Hi, I am 26 years old. I already have a girl 3 years old. My height is 5′ 2″ and weight is 70 kgs.

I plan to have a new child. I am having hypo thyroid. I just want to be fit and healthy during my second pregnancy without gaining excess weight. Please help me.

I watched your videos which are really nice. I am waiting for new ones. Please advise me with some exercises that can be done in my pregnancy without harming the baby. Answer me soon. Thank you.


Hi Manu,

You have very strong willing to stay fit during your second pregnancy – congrats for this!

If you don’t want to gain excess weight you have to watch what you eat. I’ve never been pregnant and I can’t say this from personal experience, but I’ve done lots of research and gaining weight is because of eating.

Pregnant women don’t need too much food – ask your doctor about this and I am sure he will confirm. For example during the first 3 months you need only a box of yoghurt as an addition to your normal eating in order the baby to be in good health.

Many women think that once they become pregnant they have to stuff their selves with food – this is wrong! Your baby needs quality calories – this means good proportion of protein, carbs and fat.

Forget about cakes, muphins, puddings, fried and junk food. Eat steaks, fresh salads, fruits, nuts, milk, eggs. Of course ask your doctor about the diet, because I am not a specialist in pregnancy nutrition.

Now about the exercises – they can make you fit, BUT don’t start doing exercises after you get pregnant if you didn’t do exercises before this. Women who used to do exercises before they get pregnant can continue doing them during the pregnancy.

These are light exercises using your body weight – don’t do jogging, crunches and other abdominal exercises because they are not good for the baby.

Again I want to stress the importance of nutrition during the pregnancy. Eat close to your normal eating and you will not gain more than normal weight – your baby doesn’t need junk food! If you eat too much you need to exercises 2-3 hours per day in order to burn all eaten calories – but you can’t do so long exercises while you are pregnant. So, the solution is to control your eating.

Before you get pregnant do 2 of my videos per day. After you get pregnant – consult with your doctor whether you can do exercises or not.

Wish you to keep good weight during your pregnancy!


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