Exercise Routines

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by Rumi

Video Exercise Routines

At this page I will post my latest exercise routines. You can workout with me online or download exercise videos. All exercise videos are free, no registration or any other requirements to become a member.

Every exercise video has its own page and below are links of them.

You can train online or download videos to your computer.

My latest exercise videos are very intense and short (just 20 minutes) but this is enough time if you workout every day (5 days per week).

Recently I added video for Mac users (my videos were only for Windows users). Enjoy!

:-) and don’t forget do leave comment on Youtube, it helps to spread the word :-)

Butt Workout
This is a whole body workout with emphasis on buttocks exercises. The whole video is made of body weight exercises and tomorrow your bump will hurt ;-) in a good way :-) .

Perfect Body Workout
This is just 13 mins workout, 10 body weight exercises done very intense so at the end you sweat and burn fat.

Beginner Workout
This workout is for beginners but don’t think it is easy! The difference with other exercise videos is that I show simple exercises, no complicated movements. These are old school exercises, very effective to burn fat and a good start for beginners.

Inner Thigh Exercises
Try this video with exercises for inner thigh, your inner legs will burn and you will fell every muscle there.

How to Lose Belly Fat
This is belly fat melting video, hard, but so effective to burn stomach fat.

Weight Loss Workout Routine
Combination of 4 exercises, this is Killer Fat Workout, very intense and fast, perfect for fast results.

Whole Body Workout
Very, very hard whole body workout, but incredibly effective to burn fat FAST. One circuit is just 6 minutes, do it 2-3 times for quicker results.

Arm Exercises
This is video how to combine 3 of most popular arm exercises in one movement – it becomes powerful arm tone exercises. Do it 3 times per week to see results. Combine it with workout for legs and butt.

Cardio Exercise Routine
This is very powerful workout, just 10 minutes, but cardio exercises in it are very good and you feel the burn immediately.

Exercises to Reduce Cellulite
I have many workouts to reduce cellulite and this is the latest one, with the latest best butt and abs exercises. All exercises in this video target butt and abs at the same time – you do 1 exercise and workout 2 spots – buttocks and abdominals.

Cellulite Exercises
Another good video with cellulite exercises, includes classic exercises that always will work and burn stubborn fat.

Exercise Routine for PMS
Try right now my exercise routine for PMS – it is natural PMS cure, helps against PMS water retention and is free!

Post Pregnancy Exercise Routine – Coming
How to loose stubborn fat around your waist, buttocks and legs.

Over 40 Exercise Routine – Coming
This workout is for people who like calm pace but want to develop their strength.

Fat Loss Exercise Routine – Coming
This is high pace workout, strength training exercises combined with my favorite aerobics.

Abdominal Exercise Routine – Coming
Believe me, abdominal muscles are very easy to train. Maybe at the beginning it is a little bit difficult, but after a month you will love this workout.

Even you don’t do exercises routines regularly there is benefit by doing them when you can or when you are in mood for exercises. Don’t force yourself if you are reluctant to exercise.

I found that I have periods when I like to exercise every day and periods when I do workouts from time to time. Usually it happens when season changes. In the summer there are more things to do outside and I exercise from time to time. But in winter I don’t like to go out and I often stay in the gym or exercise hall.

Don’t blame yourself if you can’t exercise regular. Don’t feel guilty if you miss exercise routine. It is better to think that next time you do exercises it will be delight and your body is more likely to start to expect this to happen and finally you will find that you are impatient to exercises.

Remember that it is better to workout even 10 minutes than to not workout. At this site I have many exercise videos you can chose from, with different length, different challenge, try all of them and you will find that it is fun and recharging.Hope my exercise routines to make you look younger and healthy!

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