Exercise helped me to reach my target weight

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by Nachiyar
(Mumbai, Maharastra, India)

Hi! I am a 30 yrs old mother of a 4yrs child. I weigh 63kgs & I am 5 feet tall. I want to lose 10 kgs more. After my delivery I was 70kgs for many years till I felt I should reduce, after which I went on diet & walks.

On 26 October 2008 I weighed 70kgs & with balanced diet & daily brisk walking on 30 April 2009 I lastly weighed myself & was happy to find me on 63kgs.

I never dieted too hard. I just divided my meals in to 4 parts.

My first meal was around 10’0 clock with breakfast.

Second meal at 12’0 clock with fruits/vegetable salad.

Third at 2’0 clock with lunch which consisted of wheat bread & lots of low oil vegetable & curd

Last but not least meal of the day was around 6’0 clock with soups or juices that’s how I use to end my day.

One more important thing which I never failed to do was to drink 10-12 glasses of water daily & I always started my day with 2 glasses of luke warm water which helped me from getting dehydrated.

I never exercised till I visited this site. Now I am reducing from all my targeted areas i.e. from abs, arms, legs, butts & waistline by following the exercise videos from this site.

I workout 2 times a day in all the 4 days of the week & go for a long walk for an hour on week ends.

I am really really very thankful to this site.

I worked on my abs&legs on Monday

Arms& butts on Tuesday

On Wednesdays on abs & back

Thrusdays on whole body

Fridays on inner thighs& back

As a result I found exercising more fun. I feel proud of body b’coz people have started admiring me. Bye!

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