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Exercise equipment review for workout at home women, what to buy?


Dumbbells are very useful equipment you can workout with them – chest, back, arms, legs. There are lots of exercises for different muscles with dumbbells. My advice is to do exercises with body weight and gradually to increase integrating dumbbells in your workout.

The most important for this equipment is to choose the proper weight, not to heavy and not too light. Find your weight – try to make curls 15 reps, the last 3 reps have to be difficult for you. If you can not make 15 reps with this weight, try lighter dumbbells.

It is good idea to have 2 or 3 sets of dumbbells. I also have 2 sets – one is with dumbbells 4 pounds each and the second is app. 9 pounds each barbell. Another great choice is to purchase adjustable dumbbell – you can put or remove blocks weight – I prefer this option.

Stability ball

A stability ball give you surface to sit and lie. At the beginning the only workout you will do with this ball is to try to sit over it. It is not so easy – and this is perfect because while you are trying to sit over it you workout your abs and lower back. When you use this ball you develop your stability, because the ball is not stable, you body has to be.

There are two kinds of stability balls – physiorolls and round exercise ball (Swiss ball). The physioroll looks like two sealed balls – it is the easier, because this ball rolls only backward and forward – you have stability for rolling to the sides.

The round, Swiss ball is very good, because is totally unstable and you have to manage with it. I remember my fist try with Swiss ball as funny, challenging and very motivational. Next day I have sore in different places as usual, which means last day I workout different muscle groups.

The other benefit with this ball is that you face real challenge, like in the real life; you have to manage to stay over the ball – which is also workout.


Comfortable surface to lie or sit. You have to feel comfortable in order to concentrate on exercises. If you have carpet it also is good surface. If not, buy a mat.

Workout clothes and shoes

If you workout at your home you can wear everything that is comfortable for you. I prefer cotton materials. T-shirt, shorts or sport garment – choose what you like.

Shoes – I insist to buy something good and quality, because shoes support your body when you do exercises from standing position. If you do treadmill walking/running it is very important to have very good shoes. My choice is Nike sport shoes.


You can use it to wipe your face during the workout and also can use it in some exercises if you want to do them in challenging way.


You have to drink water in regular intervals before, during and after the workout in order to prevent dehydration.

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