Exercise and diet plan for cellulite

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by Yanet Cruz

Hi, first of all let me congratulate you for this wonderful website, and for taking your time to help others. My name is Yanet Cruz, I’m 19 years old, and I weight about 120 or 125, and my height is 5.3.

I want to tone my body, everywhere, my butt, my legs, my chest, my back, my stomach, every part of my body. I think I have cellulite on my butt area and in the back of my legs, not sure, but for what I research, it is.

They look like wholes, bumps, so I guess it is cellulite, sorry I don’t know very much about this. I want to eliminate this, and have it look tone and without bones, but this my goal for all my body.

I also experience back pain, and I am so young, I don’t know if there is something that you can recommend for this, I heard that exercise is good for this.

Please provide me with an exercise weekly plan routine and where I can find the videos so I can see the exercise routine and how they work. I want to start to eat healthy, but have no clue what to eat and not to eat.

If you can provide me with a weekly meal plan. I am drinking allot of water, every day exactly 2.2L. So I just need the exercise and the meal.

Thank you for everything, for your time, and for all your help. Have a great day, and God Bless you.

Answer from Rumi

Yanet, you are so young and your weight is almost normal. All you need to do is to change what you eat for a month or two and do exercises 4 times per week.

Here are my diet plans, they all work, so chose on your taste.

Here are my exercise videos, there is a schedule how to do them.

Follow the diet plan, exercise with my videos and cellulite will be gone for 1-2 months.

All the best,

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