Exercise and diet for new moms

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by Rumi · 3 comments

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by Elizabeth
(Dillsboro, IN United States)


I have a 2 month old daughter, and I feel great about being a mommy, but every time I look in the mirror, I don’t feel that great at all! I was always very small. Before I got pregnant, I weighed 107. Now I weigh 142.

And I know it’s because I had a little person growing inside of me for 10 months! But I just hate what I see in the mirror now. My question is: Is it normal for it to take a long time for new mothers to get back down to normal, or at least to a decent size?

Another question is: since I do have a daughter, I rarely have time to do much. How can I find time to workout? Are there any short workouts that you know of that will actually work? Thank you, Beth

Answer from Rumi

Hi Beth, congrats for your new baby :-).

I have created post pregnancy diet for a friend of mine. She lost all the baby weight for 3 months, but she really followed my advices and she didn’t cheat. Just decide that you want to lose baby weight and will happen slowly and steadily.

About exercises. Try my 20 minutes workouts, they are free, you can download then on your computer or watch them online. Here is the page with exercise videos. On the right side of the videos there is suggestion how to combine them every day.

It is better to do both proposed videos one by one, but if you don’t have time, than do them separately, like one in the morning and one in the evening (for example).

Wish you success with post pregnancy diet and exercising.

P.S. Please use comments to report your progress, we will support you :).

All the best,

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