Egg yolk facial mask

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Egg yolk facial mask is perfect for dry skin. Why? Because in egg yolk there are many vitamins and usually app. 5-6 grams fat.

Egg yolk
1 tea spoon extra virgin olive oil
Mix thoroughly until mask becomes homogeneous

How to apply fatty-egg yolk facial mask?

Take cotton tampons and apply a layer to the face and neck. Wait for a while to dry and apply second layer. Again wait and apply third layer. Wait 20 minutes and remove the mask with tampons wet with warm water.

Women always take care about their face skin, but forget that we are all wrap in skin. The above mask can be applied to entire body.

3 egg yolks
3 tea spoons extra virgin olive oil
Mix thoroughly until mask becomes homogeneous

When take a shower stay for a while under warm water. After that dry skin with towel and apply egg yolk mask to your entire body. Because you are in the bathroom there is no risk to dirty around you because you can clean very easy after that. Imagine that you cares yourself and make massage.

With gentle movements apply mixture to entire body – legs, arms, stomach, butt, back. Gently massage yourself as long as you like it. Everything between 5 and 20 minutes is ok. While you are applying egg yolk mask leave the shower to flow – because of the hot steam you increase mask absorption.

You can do this entire body mask once per week.

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