Dumbell workout routine

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Are you looking for dumbbell workout routine? Don’t search further. Here you can find free resources for all kind of barbell workout routines.

Dumbell workout routine for back

I like very much to workout my back with dumbbells – it is my personal preference. I use the same weight I workout my biceps or a little bit heavier. Learn more about back workout routine.

Dumbell workout routine for chest

Lay on bench or floor. Lift dumbbells over your chest. Lower barbells to the sides and down, while bending elbows. Lower arms at body level. For this exercise is very important to breath: inhale when you lower barbells, exhale when lift them.

Dumbbell workout for arms

You can workout arm only with barbells – there are several exercises for arms only with dumbbells. Learn dumbbell arms exercise. Arms are very easy to workout, because you use arm muscles when you do exercises for chest and back, you need only 1 or 2 exercise for bicep, triceps and shoulder muscles.

Other dumbbells usage

You can make dead lifts with dumbbells – open your legs on shoulder width. Handle barbell in every hand. Lower body and hands to the floor and keep back straight. Watch for your waist – keep it straight, no curves. You have to feel tension in lower back, buttocks and back thighs. Do this exercise very slowly and precisely. When lower barbells inhale, when lift them exhale.

Squats – you can do them with dumbbells in every hand. Use light weights and in the beginning do squats without barbells. Squats with dumbbells are not good exercise for people with knee problems. If you use light weights it is save and very nice workout for legs and butt.

I often receive letters with question what is best dumbbell workout routine? And always repeat that what is good for you might be not for someone else. Learn why.

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