Reviews of Dumbbells for Women

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Choose from following dumbbells sets for excellent home workout with my FREE videos

This set of dumbbells is on the best price you can find. It comes with convenient storage, so you can put your dumbbells in it after workout or you can even travel with this set of barbells. If you are looking for bargain – this is your choice.

For women is very good to have different weights, they can advance as their strength progress. Different dumbbells weights are suitable for different usage. Lighter dumbbell set can compliment your cardio/aerobics workout.

Middle and heaviest dumbbell sets are good for strength training which is a must workout if you want to achieve weight loss.

This dumbbell set is more than excellent. Although its price is not low, it is worth to buy. In addition you receive workout DVD which you can use at your home as additional workout to my exercise videos (which you can download for free). Benefits of these dumbbells:

– 3lb, 5lb and 8lb dumbbells is perfect for most women as it allows the user to advance as their strength progresses.

– Includes a unique organizer stand to keep the dumbbells easily accessible and organized.

– Includes a follow-along workout DVD and poster offering a total body exercise program designed by certified personal trainer.

– One year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials.

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