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Chose Healthy and FREE Diet Plans on Your Taste

You always ask me “Which diet plan is for me? and than you give me your weight and height. Probably I will disappoint you, but diet plans can’t be for special weight or height.

Good diets work for everybody!

The most powerful diet is based on high protein, low carb and low fat meals.

That’s why all diet plans on this page are based on protein and low carbohydrate diets. I created them for my friends who have different tastes to food and this is the only difference (ok it is a big difference), I mean that ALL DIET PLANS on this page WORK.

So before you ask me, which diet is good for me, just scroll them quickly and decide which one you like according to your food preferences.

Okay, you came here for a healthy diet plan, here are :-) :

High Protein Diet Plan
This is a powerful diet. Here I don’t give exact meals but explain the principles in order to teach you how to eat healthy. You get a list with high protein foods and you decide how to combine them. At the end of the diet there is an example of one day on protein diet, hope this will help you to better understand the principles of protein diet.

Low Carb Diet
This is the second diet I highly recommend. It is suitable for busy people because gives shopping list for a week, explains principles so you get the knowledge how to substitute foods if you don’t have exactly what is written in the diet.

3 Day Diet Plan
This is very short and at the same time powerful diet. Use it in urgent moments like there is coming party and you want to wear that nice dress or you have a date and want to look better etc.

Diet During Pregnancy
Pregnant women urgently need to start dieting. Learn what to eat while pregnant to stay fit, beautiful and deliver healthy baby.

No Carb Diet Plan
It is very similar to the above two diets and explains why there is no exactly no low carb, simple, almost all foods contain carbs (sorry to tell you this, but it is true).

Vegetarian Diet Plan
It was hard to create it! This diet contains only plants, no food from animal source (no meat, no milk, no eggs, no cheese), completely vegan diet.

Diet for Busy People
This is example for a week healthy diet plan again with high protein and low carb meals.

Post Pregnancy Diet
This diet is for all women who want to rejuvenate their bodies after the delivery. Of course it is suitable not only for mothers and not only for women. Men also can follow this diet. The thing is that while I was creating this diet I was thinking for all my girlfriends who became mothers, but definitely this plan is for everybody.

Bride Diet
This is again a high protein diet which I created for future bride (a friend of mine) who need to lose 40 pounds (20 kilos) for a short period. Everybody can follow this diet.

7 Day Detox Diet
Use this when you want to detox your body. It contains 7 stages and you can adjust the length of the diet alone. For example if you do every stage for a day, it will last for 7 days, but if you do every stage for 2 days, than the whole detox diet will last for 2 weeks and so on.

A Good Diet for Teens
Teens are humans and their diet is not so different, but we need to consider that their bodies grow and they need a little bit more care because of this.

Best Diet Supplement
If you want to boost your diet with a diet pills, than read my reviews and make your decision.

How to Count Calories
I am not a fan of counting calories but this is very effective if you are beginner because it gives you knowledge about food nutritional value. You may think you eat 1500 calories, but once you start counting then you find out you eat 3000 which is too much for most people.

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