Diet plan and exercise to lose 20 pounds

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by anushree

Hi Rumi, I checked your diet plan and video and found them very helpful. I weight 136 pound and height is 5.2 in. want to lose 20 pounds. My diet plan is:

Breakfast: 2 whole grain bread slices with low fat cheese spread and skim milk tea.

Lunch: 3 slice of bread and vegetable cooked in 2 teaspoon vegetable oil.

Snack: bunch of nuts and an apple/orange.

Dinner: bowl of lentils soup and a plate of salad and slice of bread.

I will be doing 40 mins of your exercise.

Please tell me is this diet plan is fine and how much time I will be able to loose 20 pound.

Answer from Rumi

Hi Anushree, thank you for your detailed diet plan. I don’t think you can lose weight with it, because you eat too much carbohydrates from whole grain bread – 6 slices per day is too much, also you have lentils which is again carbohydrates and nuts which have lots of fat.

I see you live in India and probably you are vegetarian. Here is vegetarian diet plan that works and gives reliable results.

In short: try to eat foods that contain protein and the same time low in carbs (under 15%) and low in fat.

All the best,

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