What is a Diet

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by Rumi

Diet refers to a nutritional regimen rather than non-eating

One should stop eating in order to lose weight! This is so untrue.

There are various diets (types of nutrition). The most popular diet is:

– Try eating 5 times a day – you will have something in your stomach and will not starve.

– Make sure not to stay hungry, as then it is most likely to stuff yourself with food and your body will react by building extra stock of the nutritional substances you deprived it of. Read about Diet protein shakes that can replace a meal.

– Clean your body with 7 day detox diet.

– Learn how to count calories.

When you stop eating – this is not diet

Let me give you an example.
If short of drinking water because the nearby store stops selling it for 2 days, once you find a store that sells water, you will buy more than you can drink and stock a few extra bottles at home in case they stop selling water again. And if they actually do, you will use the water you stocked at home, drinking it in small quantity, so that it lasts longer.

The next time the nearby store starts selling water, you will buy twice the usual quantity to insure against another shortage.Your organism behaves in exactly the same way. You deprive it of food and then stuff yourself because you could not stand the hunger any more; your body reacts by stocking fat on your butt, abdomen and legs, as it wants to have emergency supplies in case you stop eating again. You feel guilty for eating too much and go hungry again.

Your body begins to draw from its hidden supplies and causes your hips, but and abdomen to shed fat. However you cannot stand the hunger any more and stuff yourself with food again and put even more weight on. It will go on and on until you stop starving and overeating. Losing some weight and putting it on again will finally result in keeping the same weight over time.

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Low fat cooking – is this the solution?

My diet advice is to eat less food 5 times a day and to start exercising

The types of food I eat very rarely are (this is NOT my diet plan):
– Foods made of sweet dough – cakes, biscuits, waffles.
– I avoid fried food, for example I eat French fries only once a month.
– I never use sunflower oil for cooking. I prefer olive oil, on fresh salads only.
– White bread. It is made of white flour that is finely ground and gives no work to the digestive organs. I prefer brown bread with grain and other supplements that I can chew on and so give work to my intestines to keep them fit.
– Foods that contain both fat and sugar, such as ice cream or cream.

Quick weight loss

The types of food I eat often are (this IS my diet plan):

– Plenty of fresh vegetable salads.
– Some fruit.
– Rice mainly during the day.
– Chocolate – once or twice a week.
– Cheese and vegetables sandwich.
– Milk.
– Cheese.
– Eggs.
– Fish.
– Nuts – I like almonds and hazelnuts most.
– Oat flakes.
– Lentils.

If you want to lose weight, your diet should be:
Baked meat (fish) and fresh salad 5 times a day. Eating only this every day will cause losing weight.

If you are a vegetarian:
Eat fresh salad and milk or
salad and nuts or
salad and eggs or
salad and brown bread,
5 times a day.

Do not take in more than ½ pound (200 grams) of the basic food (meat, fish, milk, eggs, etc.) per meal and eat as much salad as you wish. Do not put dressing on the salad but use only salt, vinegar and olive oil.

Learn how to prepare Diet Sandwich Tuna for 5 minutes – see pictures

See how to prepare Diet, healthy and nutritious salad

Tzatziki is nutritional salad and can replace 1 of your 5 regular daily meals

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