Depression and Aggression with Menopause

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by seema
(new delhi)

me and my moods

me and my moods

Ever since I attained menopause, I found following changes in myself: Increase in weight about 5 kgs over 2-3 months despite my regular regime of exercise.

Impatient and getting provoked easily and finally anger burst. I often feel depressed for no particular reason despite having handful of duties at office and home.

Lastly, increase of weight is something which bothers me most since I have always been figure conscious and have been into exercises for a very long period of time and love it too!

This upsets me and hence feel strained and frustrated.

Answer from Rumi

Seema, you are not alone. I’ve never been in this period of woman’s life but I saw how mom felt and want to support you in any way.

Weight gain seemed to be an issue during the menopause. What I suggest is to workout more, cause this way you increase your testosterone levels natural way, and this prevent losing muscles, and muscles burn calories and fat.

During the menopause, testosterone drops and this cause weight gain. Read more about menopause and weight gain. The cure is to exercise more.

Personally I manage my stress by doing yoga and stretching, it really helps a lot, especially asanas for balance. Prana yama also helps to release stress.

On this page I have more info about menopause symptoms and how to manage them.

Hope this helps,

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