Confused about weight gain

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by Penny

Hi there, I am 20 years old and was content with my weight back in June. Because I am a university student I am very active, my usual schedule is getting up at 5am, having some cereal and a drink of juice, then getting back at 8/9pm THEN eating anything that will take my calorie intake up to 700 kcal.

Basically after university finished for the summer, I really did not want to gain any weight, that is when I found your exercising videos (which I think are great!). So even though my calorie intake is the same, and I try to remain active by walking to work, doing your workouts most days, and using an exercising bike 10 min a day.

Despite all this work, I seemed to have gained some weight, my ribs are less prominent, and my stomach has gotten a slight bump to it. Although my abs are more toned (again thanks to your workout!).

I would really appreciate if you could give me some advice on how I can lose some weight. Do you think just eating little and often has caused this weight gain? I have also been looking at your ‘lose 10lb fast’ regime; do you have the carrot and apple juice recipe on your site?

Sorry for the large quantity of questions! I am just paranoid since I have to wear a bikini in 15 days when I go on holiday!

Best wishes

p.s I really love your website! And you seem to be a really nice and genuine person! thank you for making your own work out videos and putting them on the net for free!

Answer from Rumi

Penny, thank you for your kind words. Excuse me that I couldn’t answer quickly to your questions but I get lots of questions every day and I am doing my best to help you..

I am almost sure that you slight weight gain is due to change in your nutrition. If you came back and write down what you eat in the past for a week. Than write down what you eat for a week now and compare both lists.

I know that it is very easy not to notice a slight nutrition change which causes weight gain slowly and gradually. That’s why you need to compare what you eat in the past and now.

Use the comments and post here and I will help you to find out why you gain weight.

Another possibility is that you decrease the active level during the summer. If you can compare also this. Because you wrote how much active you were during the school time but not during the summer when you work.

This is a page with all healthy diet plans that I’ve created, try to find out which one fits you and follow it.

I need further details to help you, waiting for you notes.

All the best,

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