Chest workout routine for a woman

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Usually women skip chest workout routine. Why? Because it seems to be not so problematic spot and they don’t pay attention to the chest. Learn why you have to do exercises for the chest muscles.

Why chest workout routine is important?

Because in order to achieve weight loss or what ever result, you body needs harmony. I can’t stop repeating that if you want 6 abs you have to workout entire body. Chest muscles are very big muscle group (as back, legs, butt and abs) and they need special attention.

Natural movements with chest muscles

When we push something with hands we use our chest muscles. For example: if you lay on the bad and handle your baby over your body and moving baby down and up – this is chest exercise. Or when you are in front of the wall (or door) and push it, this is also chest workout.

Chest workout routine

The most famous chest exercise is “push ups”. Lay with face towards floor, lift the body on arms, legs are next each other, abs and butt are tighten. From this position slowly bend arms and lower body to the floor. Now push the body backward. This chest workout routine also is good for arms – especially biceps; you will feel tension in your abs, butt and legs.

I like very much this exercise because you tighten almost entire body with it. The other reason I like it is because it always shows me my fit level. If I feel difficulty to do it means 2 things: first I am in not good fit and second my butt and legs become heavy and I can’t lift them only with my hands – so, it is time for hard workout and diet!

May be in the beginning this exercise will be difficult for you. Before you build lean muscles and loose some weight, do it with knees on the floor. In this position some of your body weight is taken form legs and it is much easy to lift body with arms.

What is important for chest workout routine?

– When you lower body inhale, while you lift body noisily exhale. Breathing will help you to manage difficulty.

– When you do push ups with straight body, you really have to be like a line – no bulging butt, try to keep butt tighten and on one line with legs and back. And if you can not do this at the beginning, do it after 2 weeks or a month – this is your goal – to line up entire body when doing push ups.

I remember when I was a teenager I could do 50 push ups without rest – of course I had less weight and push ups were easy. Now I have no such goals. Try to do 4 sets each set 5 reps. Gradually increase to 3 sets, each set 8-10 reps.

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