Cellulite Treatment

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by Rumi

Cellulite Treatment – Natural Remedies for Women

Natural cellulite treatment is fighting the main causes of cellulite:

Sedentary life style


Excess weight

Exercises to Reduce Cellulite

Knowing about cellulite treatment requires knowing what is cellulite first and it is not simply the dimpling of the skin. What causes cellulite is subcutaneous fat protruding into the deep vascular inner layer of the skin (dermis).

The effect being an undulating dermal-subcutaneous fat junction adipose tissue, the cellulite under discussion is indistinguishable from ordinary fat in every medical and scientific test.

Though a number of methods exist today that claims to get rid of cellulite, but there’s no concrete medical evidence whether any cosmetic lotion, massage or pills can reduce or increase cellulite.

However, the only effective ways to reduce cellulite effectively is cellulite exercises and diet control. The diet should be essentially a good, balanced, fat free one comprising of fiber, wholegrain foods, fresh fruit and vegetables and must be accompanied by plenty of water.

It’s also recommended to avoid smoking and unnecessary medication to lead a cellulite free life. But as we all know, it has become a common human trait to achieve the most by putting in the minimum of efforts. Hence, the methods for cellulite removal, currently, are as varied as they can get.

Some of the common mediums people use for cellulite reduction are water, suction methods, laser, massage and the electric muscle stimulation, a method comparatively newer to the rest. But a step-by-step explanation of the various cellulite treatment methods is going to prove better.

  • Cellulite Cream and Lotions: Easiest and perhaps the least-costly of all the methods for cellulite treatment, both anti cellulite lotions and creams stimulate blood circulation, melt the fat and move the fluid and the toxins out.But not all of them bring the desired result; only the ones with methylxanthines as an ingredient are somewhat effective. Caffeine creams being the colloquial term, the higher the concentration of methylxanthine, the better the cream works.
  • Cellulite Diet and anti cellulite foods: Dieting is an effective cellulite reduction process, but it is formulated to feed the skin.Therefore, nutrients such as lecithin, ω-3 (omega 3) and ω-6 (omega 6) fatty acids the essential ones, amino acids as well as antioxidants are recommended since they are known to reduce every sort of cellular inflammation, fluids and also increase circulation deep within the skin cells, resulting in strengthening the cell membranes to keep cellulite from migrating to the surface.

    Eggs and soy, cauliflowers and also peanut butter is thus recommended for lecithin; flax seed, olive oil and canola oil; even ground flax and nuts (raw) are good sources of essential fatty acids.

    Berries, pomegranates and citrus fruits (oranges, grapes etc.) supply the required antioxidants, poly-phenols and a decent amount of amino acids.

  • Liposuction: Removing the fat deposits that exist between the skin and muscles formerly required surgical procedures performed under general anesthesia. In Liposuction, the skin is penetrated with a cannula connected to a suction pump, which breaks through the layers of deposited fat.A variation of the process is the tumescent liposuction, where a diluted solution of lidocaine (a local anesthetic) is used in combination with epinephrine. A vasoconstrictor process for cellulite treatment, Liposuction doesn’t involve loss of blood.

Other processes include the Lymphatic Drainage Massage and the cellulite massager devices, jet therapy, gene therapy and Ionithermie; though these processes claim to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the body, some physicians claim them to be nothing but pseudo-science.

These treatments also brings forth bruising, allergic reactions, liver damage, atrophy (loss of tissue volume) and infection as side effects; despite criticism, these cellulite treatment processes are popular in the United States. The cellulite home remedies deliver a better result when compared against these, but Mesotherapy and a massager can really work wonders.

Mesotherapy cellulite treatment is a wise choice when it comes to disposing the last few pounds; if left untreated, they accumulate regionally to pave the path for cellulite. This is where Mesotherapy comes in.

It is a non-invasive, non-surgical process to get rid of regionally accumulated fat and makes use of vitamins, essential minerals and phytochemicals. The concoction is injected into the epidermis to break down the fat and get it absorbed within the body.

That fairly sums up everything about cellulite treatment.

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