The Best Cellulite Home Remedies with Essential Oils, Massage and Diet

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The lumpy substance called cellulite is a bug in the stomach, hips and thighs but can be taken care of with cellulite home remedies. Fat pushed through the connective tissue under the skin shows in the form of a lump.

Treatments are galore in the cellulite circles and it’s mostly from the OTC stuff to making weird gestures (not exercises), eating funny stuff and taking in funny scents. Massages as well, but they are an expensive (from the time perspective as well) discourse. However, it’s possible to have it an inexpensive way.

What to do

Rummaging the kitchen cabinet may reveal the few things needed for that. Equal parts of rosemaryrosemary and fennelfennel essential oils with 3-teaspoons of carrier oil (coconut and almond do it fine) rubbed on the cellulite-affected region on a daily basis gives quite astounding results.

However, even the next steps are important for deriving the most out of it. For successful cellulite home remedy have in mind that heat improves the absorption of essential oils, so consider massaging with warm hands or use heat massagerheat massager.

So, curb the food craves. Modern hunger is not about needs but about wants; so tasty tidbits must give way to low-fat, high-fiber food. That’s green vegetables, fresh fruits and lean animal protein we are talking about. Alcohol, coffee, soda and cigarette are out.

Exfoliation is a vital part of the skin’s processes, so a slowed down natural renewing of the skin must be compensated with vigorous rubs. Not too-soft body brushes or Turkish towels are effective against dry and dead skin cells. It increases the blood circulation as well. It’s best before a bath.

Prepare that with two cups of sea salt to warm (a little less than hot) bathwater. Sitting in it for half an hour triggers the cellulite meltdown. Coffee beans finely ground and mixed with any moderately upscale hand lotion also fuels cellulite burn. A couple of minutes of rubbing the cellulite affected region with it before a shower is the way to do it.

Fuel Factors

Fiber-rich and wholegrain foods (bran, oat cereals) are the way to go; these shall further aid in toxin removal from the intestinal tract. Accompanied with asparagus, avocados and bananas (mornings) and broccoli and pears (in the afternoon), they bring the benefits faster.

For the protein and omega fatty acids, lean meat and oily fishes/fish oil are great choices. Gingko biloba and soy lecithin provides a boost to the blood and lymph circulation and metabolism and kills the free radicals in the blood.

Foods rich in salt, sugar and saturated fats make the body to retain more water for maintaining the proper pH balance. Reduce the intake. A low-fat balanced diet with lots of fiber and lean protein is must, but the detox process must start at least a week before the actual regime.

Honey talk

This is often found eek-y as a treatment but a honey massage does wonders to cellulite. Honey detoxes the skin when rubbed on it, so opting for it is cleansing both ways.

A thin layer of honey (1 or 2 tbsp) is to be applied on the problem zone with clean, dry hands to cover it next. Take it off and press again. Repeat till the tension force has increased and the honey has turned white with the impurities from the skin. The whole process should last about 10 minutes. It improves blood flow and rejuvenates the skin tissue and the muscles beneath. It turns the skin red and a burning sensation is to be expected.

This is a massage to be repeated every alternate day for a month (15 sessions), though two to three sessions are enough to make cellulite home remedies results visible. Discontinuation may make the skin immune to the effects of honey, so the prescribed course must be followed. People with varicose veins growing in and around the cellulite spot, those who are allergic to honey and pregnant women, this massage is not for you.

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