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Cellulite Exercises for Thighs

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Cellulitis is curse for women. Cellulite actually is fat and marketing industry make you think it is something different and you can treat it with creams and lotions, which is not true.

Cellulite treatment involves:
1. diet with calorie deficit to create energy deficit and pull stored fat
2. exercises and massage which improve circulation in thighs and bun

It must be combination of all above or just diet and exercise. Anti cellulite massage alone will not treat cellulitis.

The main cause of cellulite is food and lack of exercise. Calorie excess forms fat/cellulite and lack of exercise leads to slow blood circulation and bad tissue feeding.

Do my cellulite exercises for thighs but remember to follow healthy diet plan with calorie deficit and weekly workout schedule or you will never get rid of cellulite.

Cellulite Exercises for Thighs
Do following circuit 3 times.

1. Step over chair+knee up+step back+lunge backwards – 10 reps each leg
This exercise is for the whole thigh – the inner, the front and the back side. It also challenges your belly.
Face a chair, step with your right leg on the chair and get up, raise left knee, go down and step back with left foot, right food goes back to lunge.
This exercise is safe for knees if you watch your knees never go over toes. Also do it slowly and control every movement, because keeping balance is a key to safe execution.
Beginner can do this exercise on the floor (without a chair)

2. Single leg hip thrust – 10 reps each leg
This exercise improves blood circulation on back of the thigh and buttocks.
Lie on the ground, put feet on the chair. Extend right leg, left heel is on the chair for support. Keep right leg straight and close to the chair, don’t raise it because there can be tension on waist. Raise your bun up and in the upper position hold for a second for maximum effect.
Beginners do this exercise with both feet on the chair or even easier is with feet on the ground.

3. Push up+right knee to left arm+left knee to right arm – 10 reps
This is compound exercise that involves many muscles (chest, arms, back, belly) and spends a lot energy. Compound exercises are good for burning fat. You will realy feel your belly after this.
Take push up position, do push up, then push your right knee towards left arm, step back and push your left knee towards right arm.

4. Sit on a chair+knees raise+jump – 10 reps
This exercise is for thighs and belly and also bring in lots of oxugen. Oxygen takes part in transforming stored fat into energy – you need a lot oxygen for this procedure and that’s why cardio is so popular for burning fat, but there are better ways than running on treadmill.

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