Cellulite Cream – Does It Work? Which One to Buy? All Answers Bellow!

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Basic facts

Many cellulite creams with varied ingredients currently floods the market and cause no-less dilemmas than cellulite itself. The fear of cellulite often numbs the mind of the majority women and it’s the fear that drives the selection. But truth remains that fear clouds the mind the most, letting quite a large extent of useless stuff to disappear fast from the shelves. The result is a slimmed down wallet with little or no results.

So before you go shopping, it’s better to know the difference between a good cellulite cream and an effective one. The quality of the packaging or the fineness of the cream or its aroma is a secondary factor to consider.

And one more thing: most of the cellulite prevention/removal creams available commercially are mere replicas (as far the ingredients go) of another equally lousy product; unless there are present the proven active ingredients, cellulite shall never part. So turn a blind eye towards the cost, the brand and an overall packaging; instead, get wise on what works and what doesn’t.

Cellulite creams categorical classifications

Important note: Cellulite cream will not help you if you not eat healthy and exercise regularly. If you only use cellulite cream the result will be small but if you combine cellulite cream with a diet, exercises and massage the result will be total cellulite cure.

  • Short-term: These come inexpensive yet removes cellulite fast, providing a temporary relief. They reduce lumpiness from the skin by hydrating it and reducing the tightness.
  • Long-term: Meant for a permanent remedy, these penetrate into the fatty tissues of the subcutaneous layers and breaks down cellulite, besides flushing the toxins out.

Gifts of nature

Herbal remedies for cellulite are many; contrary to using an external agent for dissolving the cellulite, certain herbal ingredients escalate metabolism in the cellulite-affected area and utilize the localized energy; augments circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids and also makes for over-sweating of the areas of application to burn and dissolve fat.

Thus, while opting for a herbal, anti cellulite cream, always check if there is present (in combination) Myrica cerifera (or bayberry; its astringent property dissolves fat and increases blood circulation locally), wheat germ oil (rich in Vitamin E and prevents lipid pre-oxidation of the cell membrane; generates and maintains healthy collagen), Cyperus rotundus (nut grass; improves blood circulation, muscle tension and metabolism locally), Ocimum sanctum (basil; it has anti inflammatory properties), Black Pepper (scrapes excess fat by penetrating deep), almond (has anti wrinkle agents) and ground nut (enhances texture by moisturizing the skin). Added with olive, its effects increase tenfold.

The harsh reality

The ingredients mentioned above are seldom found together in an anti cellulite cream; even if they are present, the price of the product is bound to skyrocket. Thus, OTC medications stay the next best choice, but the huge multitude is often hard to fathom. Recommendations and suggestions come particularly handy in such cases, so here is the Fat Girl Slim from Bliss, which doesn’t promise melting five pounds overnight but definitely brings about a better skin texture and noticeable toning within a very short period.

The Fat Girl Slim sports slenderize complex formulation that also adds to its thick, smooth texture and the light mauve shade. With proper massages and sit-ups, the cream tucks the stomach pretty well within a few couple of days. 20-30 seconds every night before sleeping time and the Lotus and Red Algae extracts (together, they can outrun the almonds, olives and the rest) gets deep within to promote fat breakdown, reduce inflammation and tighten the skin through restoring micro-circulation and reducing excess fluid retention. The lavender essence provides an additional aromatherapy benefit.

Gizmo for the magic

That is to say, a proper massaging device that would help the skin penetrate deeper than it would by itself. A hand held massager with variable speed shall thus work out the best; if it is capable of generating a little heat, it’s all the better, for heat soothes stiff, aching muscles.

The Wahl 2-Speed Hand-Held All-Body Massager with Heat application options fits the slot perfectly. Massaging, applying heat or combining both through multiple attachments for a customized massage being its prime forte, the Wahl massager suits every part of the body. A great wallop in a little pack, it’s the heat the massager produces that literally burns the fat!

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