Goodbye Cellulite and Love Handles Workout

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How to Permanently Say Goodbye to Cellulite and Love Handles

Are you a woman that did every right thing and still have cellulite and love handles? I know how hard can be to shed last 10-30 pounds and how frustrating is to eat healthy, exercise and no result at the end… Huh?

The main cause of cellulite (which is fat, not some other thing that marketing industry makes you believe you can cure it with creams, lotions etc) and love handles is food and lack of motion.

You need to eat right foods (not starving) and regularly improve blood circulation with exercises in order to treat cellulite (or your total body fat).

Do you want step by step guide what to eat and how to exercise to burn cellulite and love handles?

Ok no more talk, find below my latest anti cellulite and waist line workout.

But remember that no matter how long you workout, you can’t burn fat if you don’t eat right food. If you think you can eat all you want and burn it via workout you are wrong, read more about how to burn fat, under this video.

How to burn cellulite, fat, love handles, belly fat ……(put anything fat over the dots)?

Burning fat happens when there is no enough energy in the body. And we charge with energy with food. So food means energy for the body. Let’s assume you need 1700 calories to sustain life, but you eat just 1500 calories.

Your body turns to its inner sources of energy which happen to be fat and muscle. In order words if you eat less energy you force your body to use for energy stored fat and muscle.

But you don’t want your body to destroy muscle in order to fulfill its energy deficit, you want your body to destroy only fat.

And here comes workout. Our body is clever, it doesn’t destroy tissues it needs every day – like internal organs (heart, lungs and so on) it destroys only tissues that not emergently needed – like fat and muscle.

BUT if you workout every day (understand 5 times per week), then you body thinks “I need muscles every day, I will leave them and not burn them for energy, I need to find another energy sourse..”

And your body turns attention to fat! Bingo!

So you need to fulfill to things:

– eat food that create energy deficit
– exercise almost every day

It is so simple, not easy to do, but simple. If you want to make the best birthday cake, you ask your friends for the best recipe for a cake and then you follow it strictly in order to get the best cake.

Burning cellulite and love handles is like making a cake – you need tested, proven, step by step guide how to treat cellulite and love handles via food and exercise, no equipment, no pills, no creams and lotions? Just food and exercise in the right combination.

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