Causes Of Childhood Obesity Are In The Family

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There are two main causes of childhood obesity.

– Food


– Lack of physical activity

Parents can control both of them, but often parents, themselves need help, not only the children. Children are not fat because their parents are fat. Kids are fat because their parents have bad eating habits which reflect all family. If you are fat parent, start changing your life and your kids will follow you.

You have to understand that child obesity is not because of kids, but because of people who bring up them.

Foods that children and adults must avoid:

-Fried food
-Cookies and all sweeties
-French fries

Foods good for children and adults:

-Not processed food
-Salads made from fresh vegetables (don’t add dressing)
-Grilled or backed meat (forget about fried)
-Fish (only grilled)
-Organic eggs
-Milk and yogurt – normal fat. If you avoid bad food you can eat normal fat milk.

Lack of physical activity is a big danger for the man’s kind. Children stay in front of TV many hours, or play video games or chat on the computer. These are not bad activities, but children need balance between mental and physical activities.

Kids must be involved in physical games – there are so many sport clubs. It is a game to visit as many clubs as you can for a month. And after all visits you can sit with your children and discuss what they like and are they interested in some of them.

Encourage children to try and to explore sports. It is in kids’ nature to easily attach to games and communities.

Remember that causes of childhood obesity are not in children, but in their parents.

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