Carmen Electra workout video is for every woman who wants to pull men’s attention

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Every woman must have a copy from Carmen Electra workout video.

carmen-electra-workout-video Carmen Electra workout video is developed for women. If you want to feel self confident and sexy, you must do routine in this video. You are going to burn calories; tighten your stomach, thigh muscles, and buttocks – working out your entire body.

You will dance, learning new movements and have fun without understanding that you are doing burning workout routine. You will learn a strip routine to do at home while you are so burning calories (honestly not so much, but more than doing nothing).

It is great because you do workout routine but you don’t understand it is workout because you have pleasure, dance and learn new movements.

Carmen Electra workout video is for every woman that ever secretly imagine she can do a striptease, not on public place, but in front of her man – you want to turn him on, to excite him, you want to keep the passion going, it is good for you connection, for your relationship.

Carmen Electra workout video is also for women, who want to attract their guy, not to make him go out in strip club, but to pull his attention in their selves.

Most of women don’t know how to do striptease – Carmen Electra workout video gives you the knowledge how to do it. It is funny, you burn calories and learn at the same time – you want to do that. Take Carmen Electra disk 1Carmen Electra disk 1


Colleen Britton, Michigan, USA

“About a month ago, my mom (yes, my mom) bought me this DVD. I’d been joking about it, but was a little daunted by it. I mean, Carmen Elektra’s a total babe, and I’m not terribly confident.

Needless to say, I’ve been doing the first couple of routines for a few days, now. And, it’s so much fun! Who knew, right? Carmen is very accessible – it’s less like a celebrity, more like a good friend showing you how to have a little fun. The dances are cute, not slutty.

There’s nothing on this DVD that you couldn’t playfully show your friends, and nothing that won’t make you feel better in the bedroom. Of course, you may want to practice and watch yourself in a mirror to ensure that you’re being sexy, and not… well… flailing. :)

The routines are very simple, and are practiced piece by piece with and without instruction and music. There are also two other dancers that you can watch, instead of Carmen. And, what’s fun about it, besides the dance is that, every time Carmen begins to take herself a little too seriously, she cracks up. :) It’s really a great DVD, and I plan on collecting the entire set.

Truthfully, though, it’s not that great of a workout. If you really put yourself into it, you can work up a sweat. But, I think the point is that you’re working up a sweat after the dance. ;)

I highly recommend the DVD, and encourage you gals (and guys, why not) to try it! A strip tease DVD doesn’t mean you have to do it for anyone, and it doesn’t mean you’re a slut. It means you’re an open-minded woman having a little bit of fun. It makes you feel sexy, confident, and maybe like you’ve got a naughty little secret. Again, I just can’t emphasize how much fun it is. :)

Take Carmen Electra disk 1Carmen Electra disk 1

J. Mensbeck, San Diego California

“I bought it for my daughters and they love it. It is such a fun way to stay in shape. They can’t wait to get the rest in the series.”

S. Hughes, Chicago, IL

“Okay, I decided I wanted to strip for my boyfriend, as a surprise for his birthday. I have never stripped or danced sexy for anyone, plus I have absolutely no rhythm. I decided to do this 4 days before his birthday, I went out and brought the DVD and toke it home the first night and was so discouraged!

First of all I was looking like a mad woman (hair all over my head, ugly jogging pants on, no makeup, etc.) But, I made myself look pretty and I have to say that after I made up my mind that I COULD do this, I realized that this really was very good, it went slow and I like the fact that it had “simply” things for you to do, like putting your fingers in your mouth, the sexy walk, the snapping of the fingers, and popping your hips back and forth, all these things were durable for me (a person with no rhythm).

And I was able to take those few tips and make up a routine to a very hot and sexy song (Come into the Bedroom by Jade) and I pulled it off! I also got a great idea from Carmen as far as how to dress, I noticed in one of her scenes she had on a man’s shirt and tie, which I wore and underneath had on the sexy lingerie. My guy loved it and was all into it.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone. The comments about not being a good work is right, it doesn’t make you sweat a whole lot so for you advanced people out there this one would be a disappointment. But, if you want to get a few techniques under your belt, this is the one for you! Thanks Carmen for helping me to get over an OBTASCLE in my life.”

Take Carmen Electra disk 1Carmen Electra disk 1

Carmen Electra workout video disk by disk information.

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