Cardio legs and butt video is good but more challenge is needed

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About two or three years back, I was looking to find an easy, but effective workout to follow along to for the whole body. I searched all over the internet, Youtube, ect.

I’d pick up something, and it was never what I needed, or it had one part, but not another. Low and behold, “BAM!”…and I finally found it…..right here.

It was something that I didn’t have to pay 30 bucks for, or some kind of membership. I was shocked. Every so often I’ll refresh the net and try and look for some more….but I’ve come pretty empty handed.

Till to this day, I still rely on the cardio/legs/butt 19 min workout routine and do it about twice a week(whenever I do my strength training, I do this as well).

It’s made it easier for me to get some cardio inside when I do not feel or cannot go outside due to weather.

An awesome video it is…but I need a little more. I suggest this same video routine, but vamped up(made a little harder) for intermediate and advanced routines. 20 minutes is a good time frame, but more effective corresponding with the level.

Thanks and I hope you take advantage of my suggestion! Killer video!

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