Can’t Seem to Stick to Exercise

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by Sarah

I have this problem: I can not seem to stick to working out, I’ll workout one day, then like 2 weeks later. I know that’s really bad and I know if I really want to lose weight, I wouldn’t do that.

I wanted a trainer but that’s too much money. I can’t seem to stick to things (that’s my problem). I guess I need motivation. I’m not confident, can you help me?

Any tips about how I can set my mind to this goal? I want to lose about 30-35 pounds and keep it off. I know I’ll be so much happier if I lose weight, I just can’t seem to start.

Answer from Rumi

Hi Sarah, sticking to exercise and diet plan is the key to lose weight, especially in your case with 30-35 pounds. You need action plan how to lose weight and exercises and diet will be a part of it.

1. Set a goal

Start with something small and achievable, like losing 5 pounds for 2 weeks. This sounds very realistic and easy to do. Once you lose 5 pounds you will feel more confident and motivated to achieve more.

2. Deprive yourself of something favorite if you miss your daily exercises

For example set a goal to do exercises every morning before going out (for school, job or what ever). If you don’t do your exercise routine, than deprive of watching favorite TV show in the evening, or skip the sex, or what ever you love to do daily. The idea is that you can afford doing favorite things only f you do your exercises in the morning.

3. Diet will help to achieve 50% from your goal to lose weight

You can’t lose weight without a diet; this is one of the things that people always misunderstand. Following a diet is the only way to lose weight. Exercises alone will not melt your fat, diet melts the fat. The role of exercises is to show your body that it needs muscles to sustain life and that the only thing that can be melted is fat.

But don’t think: Okay I will only follow a diet if this is the way to lose weight. This is so wrong. If you only follow a diet than you will lose both muscles and fat, which is not efficient like losing only fat. People who only follow a diet lose weight inefficiently.

You must follow a diet plan along with exercises.

4. Several times in a day imagine how you will look after losing weight.

Your mind will bring you closer to your goal; just don’t forget to use the power of positive thinking. Don’t imagine what you need to do to lose weight, because it is not very motivating to think how you need to eat healthy, to wake up 30 minutes early to do exercises etc. Just imagine how beautiful you will look, how clothes will fit you and this leads to the next point in you action plan.

5. Buy a dress (or what else clothes) a size smaller than your existing size

Lets say you are size 10 when you start your journey to lose weight. Than buy a dress size 9 and try it after the first week. Than try it after the second week. Once you succeed to put your body in, you will feel joy that a step forward is made.

Getting motivated to exercise is related to the strong wish to succeed. If you are ok with your present weight (no matter how much it is) it is ok to live this way. But if you don’t like your body, want to live healthier, than use this wish as motivation and slowly achieve small milestone you set for yourself.

And remember: only diet and exercises in combination can cause weight loss – there is no other way.

All the best,

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