Can You Suggest a Good Exercise for my Butt and Chest?

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I’m 182 pounds, my height is 5’2. All my problem is with my butt and chest. I use to work 2 hrs per day. 1 hour in gym and 1 hour in abs. I use to jog for 30 mins with holding hand at 4.5 speed.

Is it good to jog by holding hold.

Now I got low B.P.. Before I was 190 pounds, now I’m 181 pounds. I’m working from past 10 months
I reduced only 8 pounds.

Can u suggest a good exercise for my butt and chest.

Answer from Rumi

Hi, you seemed to workout much, but I think it is not a good workout. Why you spend 1 hour in abs?

You don’t need to spend so much time working out just couple of body parts. If you want to lose weight you need to do balanced workout where all boy muscles are trained.

Check my exercise videos and my new exercise routines – I suggest to do all of the in the combination written on these pages.

If you want to stress on butt and chest, than include in your exercise routine

hip thrusts for butt

push ups for chest, see chest workout routine

All the best,

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