Can I incorporate the 20 minute excercise videos in my excercise plan?

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by Uma

Hello Rumi, I love all the exercises which are available online. I started doing this few weeks ago.

Actually my blood sugar levels are higher than normal.

So the doctor has advised me to do regular exercises.

Apart from walking and doing cardio on treadmill Can I do the 20 minute workouts also daily to reduce my weight and to reduce my blood sugar levels?

Can you please tell me whether these exercise videos are okey for me or not.



Answer from Rumi

Hi Uma, my exercise videos are ok for everybody. Maybe people that have problems with joints must be careful while doing them, but other people can do my exercises.

You need to change your eating habits if you want to lower blood sugar. Exercises will help you, but what you eat is the most important thing.

Check my diet plans for ideas what to eat.


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