Can eating too many vegetables cause any problems?

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by Caroline Orford

Hi Rumi, I have a big result from your exercises and the jogging. I use all of your tips and feel great. I was wondering can eating too many veggies cause any problems, because I eat mainly tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper and broccoli, not many starchy vegetables. But I eat about 7-8 tomatoes per day and 2 cucumbers.

Are there any problems? I also eat many Dairy products (fat-free of course). I tried your Shopska Salad-and I love it, and eat it 2 times a day, your country has an incredible cuisine and I’m looking forward to travel to your country this winter in Bansko.

I can’t believe how I found this site and you and at the same time I’m coming there soon.

I’d like to ask you if you’re working in private as a personal trainer in New York, because I saw your pictures there and I live here. Are there any classes or private sessions? How could I connect you?

Answer from Rumi

Hi Caroline, thank you for your kind words, it really means much to me to know that I helped you.

Vegetables can’t cause any problem to a healthy person, on the contrary they are blessing. I also eat many vegetables every day and I fell great. I love Shopska salad too – it is not only delicious but also protects from constipation, and helps to clean the body from toxins.

You didn’t mention eating meat, which is very good food when you want to lose weight (sorry if you are vegetarian like me). Also include in your diet eggs, some lentils and beans, some soya (be careful it is very fat, but rich in protein), 2-3 spoons of plain oat meal (not cereals, and not any additives to oat meal, look for a brand that is as simple as possible, just plain oat meal), fish is absolutely must for a healthy diet (don’t know whether this fits you).

I created a page with all my diet plans, check it for healthy ideas.

I still live in Sofia, Bulgaria and this summer I was in New York for the second time, I love it, especially the cocktails lol.

You can write me email on my personal email rumiana dot ilieva at gmail dot com. Replace dot wit “ . “ and at with “ @ “ (there are no spaces in my address) – I don’t write my email because spam programs will catch it.

All the best,

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