Butt and Abs Workout

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This is the first workout I did after we came back from Los Angelis. I eat a lot sweets during my vacation because I love them and when I am on vacation I don’t limit myself.

Although I workout every day in my vacation after eating so much sweets my abs became not so prominent and my but and thighs are a bit fluffy. So I decided to have a week with hard workouts and to stress on intense exercise and workouts that will make my abs prominent and butt and thighs less fluffy :)

Also I will follow low carb diet (earning my carbs and eating them after the workout, but my other meals are mainly protein, veggies (carbs and fiber)). If you want to kick start burning fat try my weekly workout schedule with a diet plan that brings the fastest results.

Following workout is total body workout with emphasis on abs and buttocks.

Exercises in Butt and Abs Workout
This is circuit training, I did 3 circuits of following exercises:

1. Sumo squat + jump + raise leg back – 10 rep
This exercise will boost your metabolism and is perfect to increase circulation in your total body, which is important because your total body is prepared for exercise. Muscles involved in this exercise – butt, abs, thighs.

2. Single leg hip thrust – 10 rep each leg
This exercise kills back of the thigh and butt. If you follow my workouts you know this is hard exercise for me and do it often in my workouts in order to master it.

3. Jumping jacks – 100 rep
This is not only aerobic exercise but also exercise for abs, because all jumps involve the stabilizing function of abdominal muscles and you subconsciously tighten them. Aerobic exercises bring oxygen into your body and this is important because stored fat need it to be transformed in energy.

4. Leg raises + reverse crunch + crunch – 1 rep
I love this exercise because it challenges not only my abs but total body, only after 10 reps I sweat a lot and my total body was exhausted. Watch the video above for variations for beginners.

5. Push up + jump left + jump back + jump right + jump back – 10 rep
This is another favorite exercise to boost your metabolism because it involves chest, abs, arms, lower back. Watch the video for beginner variations.

6. Door rows – 10 rep
A good workout must have exercises for all major muscles and back is a major muscle, never skip exercise for your back or sooner or later you will feel the bad results of this. Also the back muscles need more energy than your arm muscles and if you want to lose weight it is better to exercise major muscles than small muscles.

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