Burgas Summer 2011

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I am spending 10 days in Burgas, a city on Black sea coast, where I was born. I drink my morning coffee reading emails, then I spend 1-2 hours on the beach reading books about Sookie Stackhouse. These are vampire and fantasy novels which I recently have discovered and I am surprised I like vampire books, this is something new for me. I also read “Twilight series”. Do you have good vampire books to recommend me?

Then I go home and do my workout. I want to do my workout on the beach but I can’t wake up early enough to come to the beach when is not so hot and crowded. But if I manage to come around 8 am I will definitely do a workout and promise to shoot it Here are pics from today.

On the background you can see remains of old buildings that played main role in beach life in Burgas, it was in so called socialism time. There were song, fashion and other competitions in these buildings and it was so difficult to find a good spot to watch them, now it is just remains and this part of the beach is not so popular among local people because of its proximity to Burgas port.

On the left you can see Burgas port, which is considered a pollution source (don’t know if this is true) for the beach.
I spend a lot time with my niece, she is 1,5 year old and so funny. She is talking her own baby talk that makes me laughing all the time. She tries to name every object and the result is very funny. I didn’t know young kids can understand everything that adults talk (since I have niece I discovered things about babies and kids I didn’t know).

So how your summer is going? Where do you go, what do you do?

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