Boiled food diet

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Hello Rumi, I was just surfing the net for free downloadable workout videos and I came across your website. It’s really good to know that your workout videos are free of charge. I also went through the question-answer session and I found most of the answers that I was hunting for.

Anyways, I am thinking of losing post pregnancy weight and I have gained fats on my tummy, butts and thighs. I have seen your suggested diet on post pregnancy weight loss but I was looking for a diet whereby I can have boiled food, say boiled meat, chicken, veggies, etc. including fresh fruits in my daily diet.

Can you please suggest a diet that covers only boiled food that I can follow as I work full time and want a diet plan that’s easier to follow and easier to prepare.

I will be downloading your videos and have planned to start workout and diet and I am hoping to shed some kilos.

My main area of concern is my tummy. My tummy looks big and I get comments from my friends asking me if I am expecting again.

Please assist me with a diet that covers boiled food and let me know if I strictly follow your diet and exercise program, how many kilos can I shed in a month.

Thank you so much for your help. Awaiting prompt response from your end.

PS. I do not have a picture to attach at the moment but will do so in a couple of days.


Answer from Rumi

Hi Shenila, thank you for your nice letter. Hm, I never think to name a Boiled Food Diet, but your request made me thinking that this is a good option for working people.

What you can eat on boiled food diet?

Boiled lean meat – chicken breasts, turkey breasts, veal, fish, sea food.

Boiled vegetables – almost all of the vegetables are OK for a diet, except: potato and rice. Add salt and flavor and seasonings.

And that’s it the Boiled food diet, so simple and easy, as you wanted to be :-).

There is no limitation on how many times to eat, because the food is healthy and diet and you can not put on weight eating the above list of foods.

How ever it is a good practice to eat every 2-3 hours, like 4-5 times a day, s your body constantly gets nutrients and you will not experience cravings of boiled food diet.


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