Biceps workout for women

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Biceps workout can be every arm movement similar to the movement when you touch your shoulder with hand. Try to touch your shoulder – you lift the hand, bend elbow and touch shoulder with fingertips. This is the most effective exercise.

Now you need little dumbbells (or small bottles of mineral water or just take a book in every hand) because you have to give some hardship to your biceps muscles. Now lift the weights to your shoulders. This is basic biceps workout.

biceps workout

Important things for biceps workout:

– You have to move only hands from down to up. Monitor your body and isolate all other muscles.

– At the beginning put back against the wall and lift dumbbells to the shoulders. You have to feel tension only in your front arms.

– When lift dumbbells exhale, when go down inhale. Proper breathing is very important.

– Do as many repetitions as you can (10-20).

– Rest 30 seconds and do another 2 sets of 10-20 reps.

Rest for 2 minutes and after that do 3 sets of 10 reps from the following exercise. Take dumbbells, bend elbows and in this position lift your elbow to the height of shoulder.

biceps workout

Rest for 2 minutes and start with another biceps workout, which I called “too squise” the best from biceps muscles. It is similar to previous exercise. Now make little movements (lifts) to the ceiling. You have to feel tension in biceps only.

biceps workout

Important things for this biceps workout are:

– Move your arm from shoulder, only this movement, isolate all other muscles.

– To be sure that you isolate all other muscles put your back against the wall.

– Breath normally.

– Do 3 sets of how many reps you can (10-20), rest 30 seconds between sets.

Does best biceps workout exist?

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