Biceps and triceps workout for women

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Biceps and triceps workout can give you those sexy arms and you can wear every summer top you like. You have to make special exercises for both muscles but you can’t train only the back side of your arm (triceps) or the front side (biceps)

Why you have to do biceps and triceps workout?

Because your overall arm’s look depends on these two muscles. If you don’t like only your back arm look – again do biceps and triceps workout. If you like your front arm look (biceps) – no matter, you have to workout all arm muscles.

Triceps exercises

You need some weights (dumbbells, small bottles from mineral water or 2 books in every hand). Move your arms to the back with hands pointing to the ceiling. Do 10-15 reps and rest for 30 seconds. After that do 2 more sets.

triceps workout

The same as above exercise but try to lift your hands as higher as you can, and make small movements from up to down as shown on movie bellow. Do 3 sets, each set of 10-15 reps. Rest 30 seconds between sets.

The third triceps exercise is from standing position. Lift your arms up around your head. Bent elbows to the back and lift them. For this exercise is important not to feel tension in your waist. For more stability bend a little your knees and monitor not to feel any discomfort in your waist. Do 3 sets, each from 10 reps. When bend elbows inhale, when lift them exhale.

trceps and biceps workout

Now continue your biceps and triceps workout with biceps exercises. Or learn how to have perfect butt

If you have problems with abs click here

Sexy legs, of course you can have them.

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