The best stomach exercise

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The best stomach exercise is that one that works in two directions:

First: Tones your abs.

Second: Makes your abs visible.

May be you think “what this amazing secret is”? It is not a secret – it is the best stomach exercise – jogging.

Yes, strange, but fact. You must use your legs to tone your abs. Try right now – stand up and run for 20 seconds, did you feel tension in your stomach?

It is normal body reaction to tighten abs when you are up right, because stomach and back muscles keep you upright. So when you start jogging your body subconsciously tighten the abs in order to keep you upright.

And this is the magic – you run and make your body care about your stomach muscles. This is the magic of our bodies – we just have to know how to make the body function proper.

I discovered that you don’t need to run with high lifting foots. You can quickly lift your heels only. The toes stay on the floor, lift only the foots. It is like staying on one place and lifting the body only to the toes. Do this very quickly and in the same time vigorously move your arms – to the front and to the back. It is like running but stay on the same place.

The other way you can make the best stomach exercise is treadmill running, or fast walking. Always use your arms while running or walking, because you burn additional energy/fat.

The best stomach exercise also makes you loose weight from all body parts. Remember that you can not loose weight only from some body parts. If you want to tone your stomach, you have to tone all your body as well – this is normal body process and is the healthiest way.

Find out what sport I consider for the best stomach exercise

Or click here to watch my free video workout that tones especially abs – this is combination from best stomach exercises.

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