Best dumbbell workout routine

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Does best dumbbell workout routine exist? Here is the answer

Best dumbbell exercises

Every exercise is important for the body because it has different impact and involves different muscles. Depending on your goal best dumbbell workout routine for you is not good for someone else. Why? First because every person is unique and second because we have different goals.

Of course there are exercises that are basic and it is good to include all of them in your workout routine.

Biceps curls – you can do this exercise with one arm, sitting on a bench, or at the same time with both arms. Women who do this with both hands, can place their back on the wall in order to ensure that they emphasis only biceps muscles.

Triceps – kick backs. This exercise is very good for your back arm, don’t skip it.

Side raises, front raises and shoulder presses – these are a must if want to shape good shoulder muscles.

Chest exercise with dumbbells – decline and incline dumbbell bench press, accordingly for lower and for upper chest.

Back exercise with dumbbells – one arm dumbbell row – alternate arms. Women can do this exercise with both arms at the same time. Because I use not so heavy weights, I can do this exercise at the same time. I widely open legs, turn toes to each other, bend slightly knees – in this position I have best stability to lift dumbbells with both hands at the same time and to workout my left and right back muscle. This exercise execution is not usual and if this feel strange to you go on with one arm execution.

Squats – if your goal is just to stay fit, don’t use big weights, because this exercise is hard for unprepared knees. I usually do 3 sets; each set 20 reps without weights. If I use weights I do no more than 8-10 reps per set.

Lunges – the same as squats. Here you have option how to do it. If you shorter step forward with leading leg – there is bigger impact on your leg muscles, if you larger step forward you impact butt muscles.

Best weights for best dumbbell workout routine

While you workout you will realize that your workout weights change. Why? Because you develop strength and become more confident with exercises and their execution. If you are beginner best weight for you is this one which give you ability to do 8-10 reps from each exercise. You have to find your best weights for every exercise. For me good weights are 5 kilos (app. 9-10 pounds), but my goal is to stay fit and lean, not to build muscles.

How much to workout

It is considered that 3-4 times per week is enough for most of people. I again stress that it depends on your goal. It is good to give every muscle rest 1 or 2 days. For example – workout your legs in Monday and Wednesday, but not every day. You have to follow workout plan it in order to workout full body, not to skip any muscle group and to give enough rest to muscles.

Best dumbbell workout routine and breathing

Many people think that if they do reps with dumbbells and this is the right track to success. Our muscles need oxygen and proper breathing is very, very important. You must to learn how to breath when workout – I stress that it is a must. Start with breathing exercise.

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