Best cardio workout engages your feelings, thoughts and most important is FUN

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Best cardio workout is a kind of sport that has logic, rules and engages you to achieve score.To lose weight and especially to influence your abs you need to perform cardio workout.

Squash is possible best cardio workout

It practices in small court with two players, each using a racket. You have to hit a small ball to the wall in front and your opponent player has to hit it too.

During the game happen funny situations, you have to run all over the court from one side to the other. You don’t know where the ball is going and run to hit the ball.

You will laugh, run, burn fat and finally lose weight without doing uninteresting cardio routines.

Your whole body sweats – even hair, butt, arms – sweating is perfect sign that you burn fat.

Drink water in the breaks and don’t sit, walk slowly and breathe. It is very important to move, because sudden sit will make feel bad.

10 minutes after beginning of the game you will feel fatigue and wish to stop. That’s normal body reaction. Stop playing for a while, walk, drink water and don’t stop moving.

After 3 minutes you will feel sudden energy rush that means your body adapts to physical activity.

Play squash as long as you feel good. First time play 20 minutes (or less) and every time increase workout with 5 minutes until reach 1 hour.

How often to play squash?

3 times per week – it is enough to lose weight and tone your whole body muscles. If you like perform it every day but take 2 days rest per week.

To find out whether squash is best cardio workout for you – try it. Try different sports and find out which best fit to you.

While playing sport activity monitor for weight lose symptom – sweating. To be sure you burn fat you have to sweat after 5-10 minutes after the beginning.

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