Belly Fat

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by Rumi

1. Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is stubborn and you need to do whole body workouts that challenge your endurance. Standard cardio like treadmill or running on same pace will not help too. Diet is essential in losing belly fat.

No matter how long you exercise you will not burn tummy fat if you don’t eat similar to following:

– protein from -eggs, meat and fish – baked, not fried

– carbs from – lentils, beans, chick peas, bulgur

– fat should me limited to no more than 30-50 gr. per day – olive oil, fish oil

– you should eat lots of fiber from vegetables – this will make you full and not feeling hunger (but limit potatoes and rice)

– fruits are healthy food and you can eat plenty of them BUT once you achieve your desired weight. Fruits contain sugar and sugar increase insulin in blood and you can’t burn fat with high insulin levels. Don’t understand me wrong, a fruit 3-4 times per week is ok. But don’t eat only fruits when you are on diet, first because you need different nutrients and second because of the sugat i fruits.

Check Rumi’s belly fat and cellulite exercise program with diet plan for fast burn

So, do a diet and exercise and this will work for belly fat.

Below is a belly fat fat workout, record by me. Hope this helps all ladies :)

First Set: The Basic Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks
  • Step 1: Stand straight but relaxed and gradually shift the entire body weight to the toes.
  • Step 2: Jump and take your legs apart while also moving the hands up sideways, the palms facing the ground till becoming parallel to the ground.
  • Step 3: The palms clap overhead while the feet touch ground.
  • Step 4: Jump again.
  • Step 5: The hands start traveling downwards (sideways) till perpendicular to the ground or have touched the flank while the feet come together.

Important: Repeat for 10 times; continue for 3 sets to start with. Care must be taken that the motions are fluid and not jerky or done in a hurried manner. Breathing pattern is important; holding the breath while jumping may increase blood pressure. Therefore, inhale while coming down while exhale while jumping up.

Second Set: Lie – Stand up

lie stand up jump
  • Step 1: Start lying on the ground. The body must not be stiffened but should be ready for a sudden jerk. The palms must touch the ground in a manner so that it can support the weight of the upper body and can push it up without the elbows touching the ground. The heel must act as the fulcrum.
  • Step 2: Jump to the standing position and repeat from Step 2 of the Basic Jumping Jacks.

Important: These must not be tried till the above 5 steps have been perfected, including the balance and the timings. Breathing pattern stays the same.

Third Set: Mountain climber

mountain climber
  • Step 1: Lean forward from the upright position resembling an inverted ‘V’ from a lateral view; the feet as close to each other as possible but not touching. The body weight should be on the wrists while palms laid flat against the ground.
  • Step 2: Bend a knee and bring it up as close as possible to the chest, hold for a few seconds and stretch it back to its former position. Repeat with the other leg and gradually build up a speed, not hurried but firm and consistent.

Fourth Set: Leg raiseAfter all that sweating out, it’s nice to be flat on the ground for some time. So the leg raises are being introduced; it shall keep the lower body-muscles working while allowing the rest to rest.

  • Step 1: Lie down and relax on your back, using palms as pillows. This shall make the hands fold at the elbow.
  • Step 2: Lift the legs slowly but steadily together till they become perpendicular to the ground. It’s important that they do not fold at the knees. Hold on for a few moments at that position.
  • Step 3: Lower the legs at the same pace. Repeat for ten times and 3 sets.

Fifth Set: Squat – Shoulder Press

mountain climber
  • Step 1: This shall require holding two lightweight dumbbells (one in each hand) and squatting on the floor. The body weight must remain evenly distributed on the feet but must shift gradually to the toes while rising up. The hands must stay folded at the elbows and the dumbbells at the shoulder-level.
  • Step 2: Stretch the hands up parallel to each other and simultaneously while rising. Continue till the entire body is stretched to its maximum limit.
  • Step 3: Go back to step 1 from step 2.

Sixth Set: Side Plunk

side plunk

This is kept at the last because it shall require strong arm, leg and midsection muscles to make the body sustain on two points, namely the heels of the hand and the legs. So:

  • Step 1: Support your torso on your hand while the rest of the body from waist down touches the ground. The other hand must stay outstretched in the air and in the opposite direction while the legs parallel to each other and declined to the ground.
  • Step 2: Lift your torso with support from the hand touching ground; the heel of the leg on the same side shall act as a fulcrum. The other hand (the outstretched one) now moves towards the head and must stop when parallel (but not touching) the ear.
  • Step 3: Lower yourself and repeat for 10 times. Shift hands and repeat.

We all know more or less on how to lose belly fat and the causes behind the pounds of fat storing up under the skin. However, our inabilities to gain control upon overall fat distribution (when factors like heredity or menopause stay responsible) make the fears increase tenfold, thus making almost all of us embark upon weird measures, products and techniques; however, controlling the overall level of body fat is an easy affair, possible through much easier techniques.

As add-ons, you also end up gaining the long and lean muscles, a lot of energy that’s independent from artificial chemical inputs and an overall health that’s hard to deteriorate.

The requirement is for total body exercises that do not start intense and short. An initial, slow beginning helps learning the postures and their transitions properly; these in turn stay responsible to make the muscles work the correct way and that’s where the point is.

As the movements are perfected, the pace increases, triggering metabolism higher and putting the lymphatic system ahead full steam, thus also qualifying big time as a preparatory regime if weight training is later in the agenda; they condition the body for the heavier stress later on requiring a lot of endurance. The steps must be mastered individually after which, they need being performed in one whole sweep (without any breaks; one set of motions transforming to another) sufficing as a full set.

You’ll be surprised the way total body exercises prevent burnout, show results and save time (3 weekly sessions of 45 minutes each; alternate days do just fine). Quality has always won over quantity.

However, a few impatient souls may still ask: “Why just not let us know the ‘belly’ part?” That’s what you’ll be getting soon; these tummy exercises primarily reduce the subcutaneous fat from the belly but also burn the fat from the other body parts due to their holistic approaches.

Why solve a problem and then give it another chance to show up? Making the whole body work through stomach exercises increases the overall metabolism that further helps in preventing excess fat buildup and the tummy area is the most vulnerable of all.

Whole body workouts just tune the body metabolism to burn specific quantities of fat from specific body-areas.

But then again, exercises are only half as effective if not paired with the right food. An engine performs better with uncontaminated fuel; pouring in impure fuel shall make even an engine with the state-of-the-art hardware go bonkers in no time. That simplified, is getting started with an appropriate diet.

Foods are catalysts that enhance the effects of the exercises. They are the natural steroids that bring on beneficial side-effects to the exercises. However, it must be cleared first that a proper diet is more than just restricting calorie intake, though calorie-cuts are the rule-of-thumb when it comes to melting away belly fat.

So that’s half of the problem solved; you have figured out by now which ones work towards the better results. Just remember that stressing the whole body shall put all the muscles (from head to toe) to work, thereby, not only burning the belly fat but also subcutaneous fat from the other parts of the body. Overall, you get more lighter being lighter and that lasts for long.

2. Belly fat diet

Peek into any belly fat diet and you shall find fruits being given an extreme importance; only next to protein. True, fruits have a lot to contribute for a healthy body, but they also comprise fructose; though a simple carb, but a sugar, nevertheless.

Thus, fruits may only come in after the whole body workout sessions have become considerably short and intense and the metabolism has revved up enough to burn the free sugar in the blood, besides maintaining the required body fat. And that too sometimes before a session begins. So for the time being, let the tummy fat burning diet comprise proteins, fibers, legumes and whole grains other than very little amount of fat, just enough to stop the nervous system from plummeting big.

So, vegetables and legumes must comprise 50% of every meal of 5 meals a day and may include spinach, broccoli, kale, onions, garlic, cucumbers, cabbage, beans, lentils, peanuts and chick peas (the legumes are high in protein and soluble-fiber content, phytochemicals like isoflavones that cure and reduce the chances of many chronic diseases brought over by excess weight);

20% must go to simple carbs like brown rice, oats, whole grain pasta or quinoa.

Out of the remaining, 25% is for lean proteins (lean meat, fish, poultry and whey); with eggs, it shall also take care of the body’s essential fat requirements besides supplying the body with albumen, the simple, water-soluble protein.

5% of a diet must comprise the fat, but you cannot dump all sources of fats together.

One type a day shall also keep monotony away. Also remember that the target is for getting rid of excess weight through removal of excess body fat primarily from the belly area; the Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) in the egg yolk helps maintain the lean weight.

Besides eggs, the low-fat dairy products like cottage cheese and real butter do just fine once a week, while other sources of good and essential fat will be olive oil, fish oil (Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid sources), nuts and flax seeds. Margarine is a trans-fatty fat, so no leaning that way.

However, trying being too perfect on how to lose belly fat might just backfire. Junk foods are ok till 10% of a day’s diet once a fortnight, since that aids fat loss by keeping certain hormone levels high.

Three junk meals are thus, the max in a month’s time. And alcohol! Beer and the sweet alcohols on a regular basis bring back whatever that was lost. Once a week is max (and better a glass of red wine); else the alcohol shall stress your liver and the toxin shall require extra efforts to get flushed. This affects the metabolism adversely, but water with lemon-juice helps a good flushing.

3. The Risks of Excess Belly Fat

Know that you are on the path from the moment when the tape wrapped around the waist (the navel level) reads above 35 inches. Men are allowed another 5 extra inches, but seriously, a lean 40-inch does look cool on the queen, contrary to the flab bulging out the midsection.

Belly fat is the trigger to a vast multitude of disorders, the most common ones being cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer and stretching to such extreme and irreversible conditions like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementias, proved by the researches led with the help of computed tomography and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) by Sudha Seshadri, MD, of Boston University School of Medicine on 513 female and 220 male participants averaging to 60 years of age.

The experiments proved that body mass index relates directly to certain factors like waist girth and its ratio to the hips, which brings into the scene the visceral fat or the deeper-most fat layers.

This produces certain hormones and alters insulin resistance or initiates breast cancer risk if played the wrong way; this may even cause a fatty liver and then moving over gradually to irreversible insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes for the high glucose levels in the blood, it’s the metabolic disorders that stay responsible.

That again brings us down to the subject of exercises and a proper diet; for in the right combination, they are the correct answers to the questions on how to lose belly fat and lead a zero-health-risk life.

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