Beach Exercises: Full Body Workout

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Here is my beach workout, it is very short, just 4 bodyweight exercises which you have to do 3 times in a row. There is an exercise for every muscle and the workout is completely bodyweight, you don’t need any equipment.

Compound exercises bring much effort, so this workout is intense and at the same time big deal!

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After this short workout I did 10 minutes jumping rope – 20 seconds jump, 10 seconds rest. I love HIIT (high intensity interval training) because it really make me go out of my comfort zone. Sometimes instead of my usual workouts I do just 20 minutes of interval jumping rope.

Exercises in Beach Workout

1. Sumo squat and touch the ground left, middle, right. Every squat counts for a rep – 30 reps.
This exercise targets front thigh (quadriceps) and buttocks. And because you twist from shoulders (not from waist) your abdominal area tightens to keep the torso upright.

Open you legs wide. Turn toes pointing out. Squat deep and touch the ground next to your left foot, stand up, squat and touch the ground between your legs, stand up, squat and touch the ground next to your right foot and so on.

Keep your back straight, don’t curve it. Keep your shoulders back and twist from shoulder, not from waist (this is important to prevent injury).

To squat properly push hips back like you sit on a chair. Keep your knees behind toes. If your knees go further and over the toes – this is not good for you and you can injury.

The deeper you squat, the harder and more beneficial is this exercise. Watch your form.

Beginners can not touch the ground, don’t worry.

2. Push up + raise opposite arm and legs – 5 reps
This exercise targets your chest, triceps, back of the thigh, bun, back and abdominal muscles.

Take push up position, keep your body inline; don’t allow your bun to drop because you can hurt your lower back. It is better to bring your bun a little but up to prevent injury.

Do push up, then lift left leg and right arm, then lift right leg and left arm – this is 1 rep.

3. Low sumo knee raises – 20 reps
This exercise targets thighs, buns and stomach.

Wide open legs, squat (go low) and keep this position during the whole exercise. Alternate raising knees. Keep your core and arms tighten during the whole exercise.

4. Side plank – 5 reps each side
This exercise is for core, shoulders, back – it is a compound exercise (influence total body) and I mention only the muscles it targets the most.

Beginners do this exercise from knee and elbow. Don’t get discouraged if you can do just 1 rep, you will become stronger :)

Lie on your side. Put one hand under your shoulder and stay on hand and feet. Lift your body and stay in line. Lower your hips as lower as you can (don’t touch the ground), then lift hips.

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